“Gramwords” Launched: Google Adwords Of The DeepWeb!

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June 1, 2014

Following our previous post about the new features in Grams Search Engine –  We are happy to release the second part of the announcement, this one is about the vendor side of “Grams Stage 2” and includes an overview of the much anticipated Gramwords advertising system,  the first system ever to offer an Adwords-like functionality for Deep Web Marketplace listings, for vendors who wants to promote them on Grams search results. This is another step toward the trend we have mentioned few weeks ago about more traditional advertising schemes in the Dark Net Markets world that will only expand.

The information Below was provided to us by the Admin of Grams Search engine and is brought to you as it is:

Part II Vendors & Grams Words

I want to start off by thanking Bungee54 for letting me use his account for this demonstration.

Vendors Tab: When a vendor creates a Grams account it is a little different. The sign up is the same but if the system matches your pgp key with a vendor identity already on file in the InfoDesk it will add a tab to your user dashboard called “Vendor”. This new section will list your vendor accounts on the different markets. If you happened to use different pgp keys for different markets you can change your pgp key in the settings section. Grams will grab your accounts on the markets with the new pgp key while still keeping your old pgp key accounts linked to your Grams account.

Imposters: Scammers might try to use a vendors pgp key on a market to pose as well known vendor. If a Grams vendor notices that an account linked to their pgp key is not theirs they can mark them as an imposter. In the picture below I marked one one of Bungee54’s account as an imposter This is his account this is just for demonstration purposes.

Once an account is marked as an imposter it will be displayed that way in the InfoDesk profile, the reviews for that account will no longer show up in the InfoDesk profile and their listing will no longer show up in Grams search results. In the future vendors will be able to edit a about me section on their InfoDesk profile from here and respond to grams reviews.

Grams Words: Grams Words is just like google adwords except instead of bidding on clicks you bid on impressions. Since bitcoins can be divided to small amounts this makes it easy to bid not that much money for an impression. Only one keyword per campaign is allowed at this moment. no phrases are allowed. Only the top 2 bidding campaigns get shown in the search results. A user can create a campaign even if they aren’t the highest bidder.The campaign is still active and the Ads will show the moment that the highest bidders either run out of budget or lower their bids. If a visitor types in a phrase or 2 keyword into the search it will show the 2 highest bidders out of all the campaigns for all the keywords.

Grams Words is not just for vendors any Grams users can use it to advertise websites (tor or clearnet) or market listings by keyword searches. It is just much easier for vendors because they can create ads right from their listings pulled from the markets.

Keyword calculator: The first thing a user will want to do it calculate how much a campaign will cost them. The keyword calculator does just that. They just put in the keyword they would like to bid on and the price they want to bid. It will give them the average searches per day for that keyword and how much it would cost them per day. The ranking and highest bid for said keyword will also be show. I used the keyword “sex” and .0001 btc per impression for the example below.

Ads: The next step is creating an Ad. They can be created from scratch by putting in the title, description, and link. You can optionally put in market,vendor, and price to make it look exactly like a market search result.

If you are a vendor your market listings will show up on the create ad page and you can one-click create an ad from a market listing. You just click on the create ad button and it will make an ad from your listingeven download the thumbnail picture from the market. All ads must be approved before they can used in an active campaign. Approval takes less than 24 hours. Grams will not allowed ads for child porn or known scam sites or vendors.

Ads created from market listing are pre-approved as long as the link and description is not edited.

Campaigns: The next step is creating a Grams Words campaign. This is pretty simplejust create a name for it then select the ad it will show , the keyword to bid on, and the bid price.

A campaign can not be started until the ad associated with it has been approved. Users can view and edit the status of campaigns from the campaign page.

They can also view statistics such as impressions, clicks, and click through ratio about their active campaigns on the Grams Words dashboard. It will also show the current ranking for the keyword.

Bitcoins must be in the user’s Grams account to pay for the impressions. If the bitcoin balance of the user drops below the price of 1 impression the campaign will automatically be paused and a message will be sent to the user informing them of the situation.

Bitcoins: Every user pays an entry fee of .01 btc which is credited into their Grams bitcoin balance which they can use towards Grams Words campaigns (and other services in the future). They can view every impression’s bitcoin transaction from their bitcoin panel. They can also load more bitcoins in their account from there. To load bitcoins to Grams they just click the “Get a new load address” button. It will give them a bitcoin address to send coins to. This address will only be active for 24 hours. Any transactions with less than 3 confirmations will be lost after that.  Bitcoins will be available for use after 3 confirmations.

Finally the user can start your campaign. As long as they are one of the 2 top bidders any time the keyword is searched for it will show in the search result and the bid fee will automatically be deducted from the user’s bitcoin balance.

DDOS: If Grams gets hit will a DDos attack or notices abnormal searches the grams Words systems will shutdown so that Users aren’t paying for fake searches.  I will manually turn it back on once everything is back to normal.

It is a lot of information and I hope I explained it well enough. If not all grams users can message me through their inbox and if you ask around I am pretty good at responding fast.

Thank you to DeepDotWeb for letting me make my announcements here and Bungee54 for letting me use his account for this demonstration!

Updated: 2014-06-01