A Scammer’s Remorse

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Posted by: Black Ink </span> May 21, 2014

This article is a personal experience provided to us by “Black Ink”:

Back in December I referred someone dear to me who was in search of Hemp Oil to a vendor on SR2. I had used this particular vendor before to obtain sixty grams of oil for my own treatment and the transaction went smooth and without any hiccups so I felt it was safe to recommend them to others. Well, apparently this vendor had gone rogue along with many others around this time because he required FE for $2000 and needless to say never produced any product.

Partly, due to harboring guilt (I didn’t take the time to educate friend on politics of dark markets) I became furious and decided to reach out to the vendor myself. I wrote him on SR2 explaining in depth the seriousness of my friend’s illness and made a plea on his heart to do right by someone in great need. Days went by and it was nothing but silence. He had not bothered to respond and to be quite frank I knew that I was shooting a dart in the dark but I felt obligated to at least put forth the effort and give it a try.

Two weeks later when I logged in to check my messages my stomach sank as I saw his name in bold letters. What would he say? I wondered. He explained to me that he was scamming people but that he had shipped her sixty gram supply of the healing oil and asked for an address to send back her $2000. Much to everyone’s surprise he actually sent the bitcoins back and two days later she received the package in the mail.  Again, I reached out to him to thank him for correcting his wrongs and it was then that he took the opportunity to share the extent of his wrong doings and the road which led him there.

Operating under the Pseudonyms SimplyDiscreetand SantanaEscobarone man is responsible for scamming a plethora of buyers out of their hard to obtain bitcoins totaling $37,000 usd. As explained to me the thirty-something college graduate had started with good intentions but quickly detoured to Scammersville due to slow sales and one willing buyer. “It had been two weeks and I just wasn’t seeing the amount of sales that everyone talked about. This was an investment for me. I knew how to make the oil from treating my girlfriend’s Cancer and we still took the shit regularly even though she don’t have it no more. I paid attention and noticed that there was a lack of vendors for this product so I purchased a pound of weed and made a batch. I spent $1200 of my own money and this shit was moving slow once I listed it. Two weeks in someone pm’ed me and offered to pay up front and it all began there.” He wrote. He further went on to explain that once he realized that his girlfriend had sold twenty grams of the batch and he didn’t have enough to fill the order he just decided to scam from there.

By now DPR had released a statement saying that Silk Road would be closed for Christmas break so orders began to flood in as desperate buyers rushed to stock up on their choice drug. To make his immoral task even easier many vendors began to require FE so it quickly became the standard. “In two weeks I had made enough coins for a down payment on a house and I was going to use it exactly for that. I told my girlfriend that I had won the money playing Poker and she was ecstatic about getting a house, so I thought.” Santana explains.

After several failed attempts he was successful in cashing out all of the stolen bitcoins and retained thirty thousand in cash after agreeing to a loss so that he could hurry and convert into cash. “Man, I was so relieved and proud I took that money straight to my girlfriend. I walked in the door with my dick in my hand because I knew for sure she was gonna bless me for this one. She fucked me good, fucked me to sleep, and fucked me over. I woke up the next morning and she was gone and so was my Nike duffle bag. “

Santana’s girlfriend of three years had beat him at his own game, she took everything. In the end he had nothing but the remaining forty grams of oil, no down payment, no money, and no girlfriend. As he sat around in his sorrow getting high off marijuana and lean he took a moment to check his messages on SR2 and it was then that he read my letter. “It’s like it all hit me then. I began to feel overwhelming guilt and came to the conclusion that Karma was responsible for this all. I had fucked over these sick people and in turn my girlfriend robbed me and left. I miss her more than the money. I thought we were soul mates or some shit and this bogus money ruined that.” Santana reflected.

He now lives in another state after feeling the need to start over somewhere that didn’t hold so many memories of his ex. Santana has since begun vending on another site(under different pseudonym) other than Silk Road only now he is a honorable vendor. He is proud of his one hundred percent feedback ratings and admits that he makes more than he’d ever imagined. In hopes of getting himself out of the dog house with the higher powers that be Santana continues to provide my friend with monthly maintenance doses of this healing oil and I am happy to report that she has been cancer free since last month. The oil indeed served as a cure for her and with that being said, all is forgiven, at least on our end.

Updated: 2014-05-21