Like to Write? Dark Net / Bitcoin Enthusiast? We Want You!

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

May 19, 2014

This ad is always relevant. As our site kept growing massively over the past few months, it became pretty hard for our very small and busy team (1 – 3 people – depends when) to keep up with all the work that we WANT to do. So, for the past month we are trying as hard as we can to find more people to work with us as writers to help us keep the content up to date, news flowing  – and expand to new areas we did not touch before. Our goal is to build a team of people that are well familiar with the DNM world and the online world in general and want to help other people stay safer and informed!

The available positions are:

  1. Freelance Writers to write News, mostly about Bitcoin related stuff – Unique and interesting stuff (not rewrites) – insight, tech related info. not noob or general boring info.
  2. General freelance writers about DarkNetmarkets News and info – Articles or insights, experiences, security or anything else that might be interesting and is not noob or general info (You know what kind of stuff we like)
  3. Freelance writers about general Security related stuff.
  4. Freelance technical writers for related news and tutorials.

Payment: Per article upon approval, BTC Only.

How Much: Depends on the article quality, length, the amount of research involved, how popular you can get with out readers. The range is from 5$ to simple news rewrite to 50$+ for exclusive content or high quality tutorials.

Please note: Its up to you to come up with the topics or be able to find thing to write about that we’ll find interesting.

~Writers can remain fully anonymous~

When you contact please state:

  • If you have writing experience
  • Few suggestions for article topics / titles that you could write

If this ad is relevant for you – Contact us Here

Updated: 2014-05-19