A Sneak Peek To Grams Search Engine “Stage 2: Infodesk”

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

May 17, 2014

Here is a sneak peak to the development process of “InfoDesk” – 1 out of the 4 new features grams search engine will be adding in about 2 weeks in a huge update that will be called “Stage 2”.  The infoDesk will include a vendor directory and many types of information about them from the various marketplaces, info that will make the task of finding vendors even easier that it is now, as the grams admin told us:

The reviews system will work like this (at least how it is planned out) To create a grams account, you have to pay .01 btc, which will be added to your account balance . so you can use it on grams products and services. Right now the only service we offer is gramswords. but I have 2 more that will be coming out soon after the release of stage 2. so the entry fee plus the fact you must register a unique pgp key with every account will help with account fraud.

Once a user has a grams account they can review vendors, or websites (I will allow reviews of individual items later on) . Each user can review a vendor or website only once, but they can edit their review any time they like. so if some one start exit scamming ,people can change their reviews of that vendor.

Vendors will be able to create a grams account and then claim grams vendor profiles by decrypting a message from the vendors known public key, like 2 factor auth. after they claim a vendor profile they can update the profile page like on a market and also respond to grams’s reviews. (not the reddit or market ones)

The whole system is only about 60% done but I think when it is done and I launch stage 2. Users will be able to get all the info they need straight from grams to make an informed decision about buying from a certain vendor.

Anyways I got about 2 weeks until “stage 2” is done.

Here are some screenshots from the new infodesk:

Updated: 2014-05-17