“DarkNet Marketing Services” Is the New Emerging Market?

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May 14, 2014

As the number of DNM’s and DNM’s userbase keeps growing at a fast rate and with every media exposure we see more and more users, vendors and markets trying buy and sell services on the DeepWeb. Naturally this reality causes an increase in the level of competition between those who seek to sell services and get the buyers attention (and BTC…) – both vendors and markets. In the last couple of months we are starting to see some interesting phenomenons that we are well familiar with from the clearnet internet marketing world, but not so much in the deep web. Such as:

1) Markets offering “affiliates commission” to “partners” (any user) spreading the word about the market – and bringing the market more business, in a revenue share model.

2) Many markets have Public relations representative working to let the world know about the existence of the markets they are working for and the benefits users and vendor can have from using them.

3) MAJOR increase in the number of vendors / market admin asking to publish information about their business in our site (and other sites) trough interviews or other related publications, more than one every day for sure, and with a clear statement that the deal is to share interesting information and benefit from the increased attention it will bring them.

4) Markets offering promotions / raffles / Discounts / Free registrations / No Fees for vendors.

And these were just the new additions to the old methods we have learned to know and love such as:

  • Posting on the various forums
  • Posting on Reddit
  • Shill” advertising
  • Leaving positive or negative reviews on our Markets list

And i am almost sure that the next thing we are about to see is SEO services (Search Engine Optimization – a service that its purpose is to make a specific listing rank higher on a search engine for a desired search query, usually on Google) on Grams search engine.  And that’s even before Gram admin finished his much anticipated “Gramwords” advertising system that should work like Google Adwords (although different in some ways) that will allow advertisers purchase ads space automatically and set up campaigns.

In addition to the above, today we have come across a new and interesting offer on the silk road forums – in this thread (http://silkroad5v7dywlc.onion/index.php?topic=40446.0;topicseen), offering promotion services for vendors, starting on the forums, and later to expand to the market itself, offering the following services that’s seems like it marks the next stage of this marketing evolution in the form of direct marketing and reviewing service in exchange for samples or fees:

Hi my name is Mr420 and we started out and still are a small group of college public relations majors. We would be interested in keeping your product, thread, or listing at the top of the forums?  We are offering our help for free, although a sample or a tip is never turned away, after all we are a small group of college girls.  Our plan is to offer free round the clock management of your thread/product. Right now this would only apply to the forum, but as we get rolling we plan to branch out and offer other services to busy vendors. Please contact me via PM, we prefer encrypted but as of now we do not require it.

We have been around since the early days of The Original Silk Road.  We have been customers since then, and decided to see if we could get some vendors that would like to try our services

Summary- We want to handle some or all of your offers, sales, listings at the top of the page, we can bump to make your thread to the top or we can use any message you would like when we “bump.”   We also have decided that we would do sample/reviews for vendors. You can read the reviews we have written, samples can be provided for review, we have a variety of people that use just about everything that is sold here.  So depending on what you want, we can handle your “advertising” While you focus on your sales and such.  Again we are offering this service for FREE right now, we have been working on this for a while now and have decided to move forward and offer our service.

As we said, we will never turn away a tip, or sample. (All reviewers are required to write out a full review, not 5/5, or “arrived”  We would require well thought out reviews that will give potential customers a full review of their entire experience.  I will also add to their review a separate paragraph that would review our interactions with you (vendors) shipping times, where you ship to.

We want to be your one stop shop for advertising, reviews, news, we want to help you make the most of your business! Complete confidentiality, no more wasting time to bump your post. Time you could spend sending packages, counting all the money, and give you more time to spend with your family or doing whatever you would rather be doing! Don’t let the name fool you, we know much more than pot! If you want to get some samples out we have access to any demographic and also we are in college there are plenty of people that will review almost anything.

This is meant to offer vendors options to free up their time, or just deal with the forums for them.  Since we are not Mr’s we use monikers. Allow me to introduce ourselves!  Anna, Alexis, Kendra and Brittney, we got some others helping but one of the four of us will always be available to help you in any aspect you need.

Thank you for your time and I hope that we can help you expand and grow your business.  Free of charge!

As stated we are not above accepting tip, or a sample if you like what we are doing- which I know you will!

Have a wonderful day! <3

Tips/Donations  1BSW4QD7gjfdSqh8tLJTHGkxaHbZcRfPDH

Please feel free to contact me about any and all questions.

Obviously we cant tell if this is real or serious at all, but still its another fine example for the growing availability of marketing services in the Dark Net Markets scene, this is without a doubt an interesting insight about how &#8220;mainstream&#8221; and widespread its becoming slowely, we will of course keep following curiously, to see how this develops over time. If you have any interesting insights about this, feel free to share them with us.</p>

Updated: 2014-05-14