Vendor SuperTrips Partner – “UnderGroundSyndicate” To Plead Guilty

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May 13, 2014

Few weeks ago we have reported about the arrest of Silk Road vendor SuperTrip And his plea,  as part of the plea it was mentioned that he had a partner called Underground syndicate:

n August 2012, Slomp and Individual J in Florida allegedly agreed that Slomp would front wholesale quantities of illegal drugs on credit and they would divide the proceeds in half after Individual J resold the drugs to Silk Road customers under the vendor names “UnderGroundSyndicate” and “BTCMaster.”  Slomp allegedly imported a half-kilogram of fronted MDMA every week for a year to Individual J, as well as substantial quantities of other illegal drugs.

Now the identity of  UnderGroundSyndicate Became known – after SuperTrips gave him away as part of his own plea, published earlier by the Chicago Sun time:

The U.S.-based business partner of the world’s former largest online drug dealer is in federal custody in Florida and plans to plead guilty, authorities say.

Angel William Quinones, 34, was nabbed with the help of young multi-millionaire Dutch drug dealer Cornelis Jan “SuperTrips” Slomp — who admitted in a Chicago courtroom last week that he sold more illegal narcotics on the now-shuttered underground website “Silk Road” than anyone else.

Quinones, who went by the online name “UnderGroundSyndicate,” acted as Slomp’s U.S. distributor of ecstasy and helped him convert bitcoins into cash, the feds say. Slomp allegedly was planning to hand over his entire U.S. operations to Quinones when he was arrested in August at Miami International Airport.

Instead Slomp immediately cooperated with prosecutors, his attorney Paul Petruzzi said. And Quinones’ Florida home was raided when Silk Road was shut down in October.

Agents found $157,000 in cash, documents and keys to postal boxes Slomp and Quinones used for shipments of ecstasy, the feds say.

Though Quinones has been charged in Tampa, his capture is a victory for the U.S. Attorney’s office in Chicago, which led the investigation of Slomp after a seizure of drugs at O’Hare Airport in 2012.

Later on,  in a tweet from @lamoustache, we were able to get the plea document and the vendor profile of UnderGroundSyndicate from :

This is the plea of UndergroundSyndicate, uploaded to Scribd for our convenience :

h/t @kimjnews / @lamoustache

Updated: 2014-05-13