Silk Road Vendor “XTC Express” Sentenced to 4 & 5 Years In Prison

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May 8, 2014

Dutch Court just sentenced two men from Arnhem to prison terms of 4 and 5 years for selling drugs online (on silk road 1) under the vendor name XTC Express, a lower sentence than the one requested by the prosecution – of 6 years.

Silk Road in his first version, was shut down by the FBI last yearAccording to the Court the two had their customers knowingly exposed toserious health risks”. Especially  because of the fact that they offered pressed XTC pills with a what the dutch court referred to as a “life-threatening concentration of  MDMA” (???).

The clientele  they were selling to was international:  the two sold to individuals in the u.s., Canada and Australia. The two were arrested last October while producing synthetic drugs (MDMA)  in a container behind their home. One hundred thousand euros was seized during the bust, as well as 325 bitcoins.
The Dutch police claimed that once again they have showed today that they are paying close attention to the arms and drugs trade on the internet, as we have reported before – five Dutchmen were arrested In February by the dutch police in the Utopia marketplace bust.


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Updated: 2014-05-08