Interview: Dark Net Money Launderer Speaks Up

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

May 8, 2014

We have no idea what caused the massive surge in the amount of vendors / market admins asking to be interviewed in the past couple of weeks (probably over 20+), but we are more than happy to conduct them as much as our time lets us! This time we had an interesting chat with a vendor we know for quite a while from previous communications we had, this particular vendor is providing services related to money laundering, or if to be more accurate – cashing out services for vendors, buyers and market admins,  although her operation is pretty small  (15~25 transactions on Agora with rating of  5.00/5 + Unknown amount on Evolution)  she provided an interesting glimpse to the process of cashing out “dirty” Bitcoins by Vendors or buyers, from obvious reason we did not try to get into to much details of the process.

DeepDotWeb: I seen you around many times, And I am still not sure what you do exactly – i know its something in the money laundering area.

Keno13: lol yeah for the most part. Well Im getting a bit of a fan base at the moment… Ever since users found out i was a female, they have been developing crushes on me… Ive been called the “Agora angel”

DeepDotWeb: Of course we can never tell if you really are a female or just saying that as part of your OPSEC / Marketing – but i am sure it works well, it always does.

Keno13: Haha. well Ive been thinking of a way to anonymously post cleavage but its still in the works lol

DeepDotWeb: Haha LOL, Verify with a naked picture on the profile holding the username (just kidding of course). Will increase your sales by 1000% percents on mostly male dominated DNM’s.

Keno13: Haha.. Ive been asked to send my underwear… so I request like that is a little less shady…

DeepDotWeb: So what do you do exactly? what can you tell us about your services?

Keno13: Sure, so pretty much I open up bank accounts with stolen identities, these people don’t know about it and thus vendors (or high frequent buyers) can use them to cash in and out Bitcoin as they wish. I also offer burn phones, and in the process of opening my own stolen Credit Cards/PayPal cash out operation.

DeepDotWeb: How much do you charge for those services?

Keno13: The DIY kits for bank accounts are $999. However I do offer to complete the service for them for $1500. It seems a little pricey to most, but people are willing to pay for the anonymity of cashing out their funds :)

DeepDotWeb:  Let me explain the process as i understand it and tell me if i am right:

1. You steal people identities
2. Open bank account with this ID somehow (you have do to it anonymously as well)
3. Vendor deposit converted BTC into those accounts
4. Vendor cashing them out using ATM’s and such?

Keno13: Pretty much. I offer all the tools in between as well to trade the bitcoin to cash at market rates with a coinjar account which is an Australian based version of btc-e.

DeepDotWeb: Isn’t the last part is super dangerous for the vendor – i mean someone knows he owns a certain bank account so its easy to know the location where he is cashing out?

Keno13: not at all. Ive been using mine for almost a year now. Most ATMs in Australia don’t have cameras or anything. so you can walk up, withdraw no questions asked.

DeepDotWeb: Are you offering your service only in AUS or international?

Keno13: The account is Australia based, but I do have an “international roaming” service available also

DeepDotWeb: Who are your main customers? 

Keno13: Mostly vendors, who need a way to cash out anonymously. and are sick of losing half their profits to LB traders lol. Ive also been approached by more darker members beyond our community but Im yet to get back to them lol

DeepDotWeb: Darker members like…?

Keno13: People who specialize in robbing overseas banking institutions, electronically of course.

DeepDotWeb: Can you estimate the size of your operation turnover? (i mean the amount of money laundered trough it)

Keno13: Close to 10k. which is OK considering I started in December. I cant speak for the amount of cash that has gone through bank accounts I have sold

Keno13: Still new

DeepDotWeb: This is not much at all . So you sold less than 10 packs of your service so far?

Keno13: Yeah, only a few. My main sellers are the ID’s themselves, and burn phones.

DeepDotWeb: Fake ID’s?

Keno13: ID scans. So its a real person. Someone buys the info and gives it to a vendor to put on the fake ID. you can use it if you get pulled over by police, open PO boxes, apply for loans etc.

DeepDotWeb: On which markets are you active?

Keno13: Agora mostly. Also on Evolution. Most of the business comes from Agora.

DeepDotWeb: I have seen you are very active on Agora forums.

Keno13: Haha. yeah. I deal with their PR of sorts…

DeepDotWeb: Like what..? i have not seen any active promotions from them

Keno13: Oh, haha no I mean like when they are going to be down and stuff like that, they usually tell me, so I can go on and spread the word lol

DeepDotWeb: Your service also sounds like a good thing for market admins.

Keno13: Haha yeah, I keep an eye on the forums for them

DeepDotWeb: When Ross was arrested it was published he was using some AUS bank account, So it was probably a similar scheme.

Keno13: haha could have been.

DeepDotWeb: Now, tell me a bout the people who have their identity stolen from them – don’t you care it might get them into troubles? accounts with their names cashing out drugs money or ID’s used for felonies.

Keno13: Lol well they don’t know its been stolen… ignorance is bliss I guess.

DeepDotWeb: They don’t know, but it can get them into troubles without them knowing, they will be the first to be contacted by police.

Keno13: Regardless of what people say, you cant have any morale in this game. I can offer quality customer service, but at the end of the day, I know what Im doing is wrong. and frankly I don’t care…

DeepDotWeb: Ok, as long as you understand that this is NOT a victimless crime.

Keno13: Haha absolutely not. Ive always been a bad girl ;)

DeepDotWeb: I guess you provide the same service for stolen CC / PP ?

Keno13: Its a work in progress. I don’t actually sell the details. I just help the card holder cash them out. I wrote my own tutorials for personal use, but I think there is a lot of false stigma around “cashing out”.

DeepDotWeb: How does one get stolen id’s on the regular basis? do you steal them yourself? phish them from sites?

Keno13: I steal them myself. naughty as they come ;)

DeepDotWeb: So you don’t give the details – you just use them to open multiple accounts

Keno13: I do have to give some detail from the ID to the buyer, otherwise they wont be able to verify themselves if they need to contact the bank. but things like numbers and all that don’t get released, I do charge extra for those.

DeepDotWeb: I see… I would have guessed such service would be much more popular than you described. you have any idea why not? (my personal guess is that most vendors like to use their own methods)

Keno13: To be honest, I don’t think many people know about my service. From what I have seen there is only me and one other vendor in the UK who does what we do. most people don’t know its an option.

DeepDotWeb: Which leads me to question i always ask – what made want to be interviewed?

Keno13: because I like attention ;)  lol jks. that’s that womanly side of me.

DeepDotWeb: I WILL use this answer you know.

Keno13: Haha! oh go for it =p I just want to get the knowledge out there, that there are people out there who have services available that can help you in the long run.

DeepDotWeb: Do you think it will benefit you in terms of more customers or it might scare off potential customers? (i know there is no bad publicity…)

Keno13: I think it will benefit absolutely, Ive said before in the forums, all publicity is good publicity, plus there are people out there stealing my products at the moment, so I want people to know I am the legit guy (or girl lol). So its also benefiting the customer

DeepDotWeb: What do you mean by stealing your products?

Keno13: There is a vendor on SR2 and Evo, who is reselling my bank accounts for $3000. They copied and pasted my listing details and everything – I found that out thanks to Grams ;)

DeepDotWeb: That’s actually a good thing no? you can sell more.

Keno13: Not necessarily. If something goes wrong (and touch wood it doesn’t) the vendor reselling actually holds no liability for what happens, where as I offer customer support for after sale. the customer is actually getting ripped off. And Id hate to have that stigma wrapped around my product or service.

DeepDotWeb: What do you think the community around you (Agora Lets say) will think about you doing interview? i have seen that the last vendor we interviewed was bashed pretty hard.

Keno13: So i have seen! Im not fussed to be honest… People who frequent the Agora forums know that Im pretty outspoken, so nothing they haven’t heard before… but I am never one to shy away from debate if anyone else has a problem with it. Its my life not theirs… Now I sound like a real teeny bopper lol

DeepDotWeb: Anything else you would like to mention that we did not cover yet / you want to add / topics we need to discuss?

Keno13: Sure,  Australian customs laws – something I am real passionate about

DeepDotWeb: Why…?

Keno13: A lot of overseas vendors don’t ship to Australia due to our “high border security” – quite frankly its a load of shit, American customs are more diligent than ours and people still send there.

DeepDotWeb: So why is this stigma?

Keno13: Its a myth both vendors and (scamming) buyers need to nip in the bud. with all of today’s new security features to combat losing bitcoin to escrow hacks etc, should give enough stance for vendors to allow orders to remain in escrow, If a vendor cannot get a package across an Australia border, than they really need to rethink their stealth methods. because if they can catch it anybody can.

Vendors need to stop “selectively scamming” Australians and using the excuse that it was “intercepted by customs” when really they never sent it. And buyers need to tell vendors when they recieved their packages instead of saying it never arrived due to customs. it really deters both parties.

DeepDotWeb: But this concept is so widely accepted. And i think not because of drugs even But because of strict policy about animals.

Keno13: I think a lot of people watch those “border security” type shows based in Australia, and think “holy shit that’s tight”. when really our postal system runs at that level of security capacity probably less than 10% per day.

DeepDotWeb: I remember from SR1 days that it was very common to have packages missing to AUS… that’s why vendors stopped sending there,  its hard to say that all vendors want to give up on the AUS market.

Keno13: Its a shame because they are losing a lot of potential customers. Drugs here cost 150% more than what you can get from America or Germany.

DeepDotWeb: Well so you see that even the local (Non-DNM) market also reacts to the fact that its hard to get the drugs in.

Keno13: Ok an example is xtc pills. on the market, domestic, $30USD, street probably around $22USD. Germany less than $10USD

DeepDotWeb: Obviously… Germany is next to Dutch, where its all produced

Keno13: We produce here too… Wholesale your looking at 15USD a pill

DeepDotWeb: the precursors are probably expensive to import to Aus as well. I mean its very clear why its all expensive there, its an island, and an isolated one so getting stuff in is both expensive and risky.

Keno13: Haha the government is more focused on boat people at the moment than drugs, Drugs in the people > people on the boats lol

DeepDotWeb: Is there anything else you want to add?

Keno13: don’t think so.. Tits or gtfo? no… lol

DeepDotWeb: Thank you for your time!

Updated: 2014-05-08