Interview With a Vendor: “Darknet is a safe place, Outside of it, isn’t”

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May 7, 2014

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I was intrigued when i was contacted by a vendor on Agora (among some others) that asked to be interviewed, although he is active on several markets, i checked his vendor page on agora which showed that he has done 200~300 sales and have rating of 4.97/5 in the time he is active there, as you can see here there is also a proof that he is in fact the vendor we were talking to:

The products he is selling are small amounts of “Famous Classic Cocaine” And Bulk amounts of Ecstasy pills and Bulk high quality cannabis Although he claims to change the products from time to time because of availability considerations, he is what you call a domestic vendor – not selling internationally, but only within his own country.

So we had a long conversation which we heard some interesting insights about the life of a vendor and also quite a few tips for buyers and vendors on the various Darknetmarkets:

Can you tell me abit about yourself as a vendor? I just saw you are selling cocaine, weed and E on Agora And have some good ratings
StarDockGaLiX: I’ve been an Vendor for over an year now, going back and forth losing money from the shutdown of the Market Places. Myself as “The Vendor”, I tend and try to push out the best products at the lowest price. Something of Frank Lucas “The drug kingpin” of New York back then. Outside of the Market, I never really deal with Cocaine or XTC, because of the Risk selling or picking up from people. Being close to the border, we have an advantage on getting some quality cocaine and don’t step on it to make the customers happy.

The toughest part of being a vendor, is living the normal life not all of us stay at home, many of us really have 9-5 jobs and take orders from shit holes boss.

DeepDotWeb: So you mean you have a regular job as well? Doesn’t vending making enough money?
StarDockGaLiX: I’m not making a crap load from the fees and how to cash out bitcoins in to real currency. Also, many vendors work in teams and groups which is risky in the long run, some get greedy. It becomes an old fashion drug dealing on the street again. My friends have no clue what I do, they think I just do computers – My suppliers also have no clue, my supply of cocaine comes from Mexico, my herb dealer doesn’t have a clue, they all think Im resale this on the street and always tell me to be careful lol

Which markets did you vend on in the past?
StarDockGaLiX: I vended on SR for only 2months before it went down, there I learned a lot those 2 months, and headed to BMR, TorMarket, Sheep..Bluesky, and now Agora and Pirate Market Place.

How much money did you lose on Sheep / SR1 / Tormarket?
StarDockGaLiX: I lost about $2,000k of my own money, not so much for profit at that time.. then Sheep I lost about 3,500 and $4k on Tormarket. it hurt real bad, no one feels bad for a dealers and then again no one knows what we deal with and try to make the world happy lol

believe me we feel your pain… vendors are usually losing much more than the buyers when the market decides to scam.
StarDockGaLiX: Correct.

DeepDotWeb: So the first question i should have started with – What made you want to do an interview?
StarDockGaLiX: Well, I wanted people to know what is like to hear from hand from a vendor, and know that we’re not out here to just make profit off the customers. I feel like Im spreading some real good herbs etc throughout the world and letting people get a share of something we all love.

DeepDotWeb: Can you estimate how much do you make vending and which market is the best seller?
StarDockGaLiX: I would estimate a few grand a month profit and Agora is the most trusted the fact they get help Bitcoin Fog that has been here for awhile on the Darknet. The large amount of sales I get is from other markets and customers following me. I tend to get bought out of my products quick, thats why you always see my product page change daily.

DeepDotWeb: Whats your best tip to avoid scamming buyers & Your best tip for buyers to avoid scamming vendors?
StarDockGaLiX: My best tip is to avoid scammers is to check their “Buying History” and if they ask too many questions of requesting tracking, and always check the Address to see if it comes up bogus. Tip for buyers to avoid scamming vendors is to check their PGP, or the forums to see who else bought for them,perhaps send a message and just ask a feel questions. Most scammers offer too much on their page and seems like all the products are lies.. thats why you have to make sure.. street smart rule #1 is trust your own instinct.

DeepDotWeb: Did you have any experiences with LE or suspected LE while vending on the markets?
StarDockGaLiX: Oh yes most common ones are customers asking for certain type of refunds or send you too much coins and want you to personally send some back through your wallet, to see if they can trace it. had LE order within my own city, but I scoped out the house and found out it was a police officer and just sent him a FUCK YOU letter, nice try dick. Most LE on markets really do order shit and have reviews, you just have to scope out the house if you have a friend that lives in the city, don’t think because a customer orders every week is not a cop, most likely they are.

Vendors need to be careful if they have animals (Hair trace, no bullshit) Sweat from hair that fall on to boxes, etc. Don’t wear thin latex gloves as they sometimes leave finger prints when u sweat. Use paper shredder for everything, PGP everything, hard drive… password protection (3 password tries and wipes the hard drive) I think the best play for a vendor is to pay people off.. Most vendor tend to do everything them selves and can’t tell if they’re making mistakes.. its better to pay friends to get stamps, boxes etc.. hook them up you know… but never admit to what you’re doing.

DeepDotWeb: How does a vendor day looks like…?
StarDockGaLiX: Busyyyy. Many customers of mine waited for Cocaine, after El Chapo was captured.. We didn’t hear from our supplier, sounds funny, but after 3-4 months we got some in stock, most customers will buy herb and cocaine to be on our good side. Selling all in grams, not for profit. Just for customers to share it and enjoy before someone buys the whole thing.

DeepDotWeb: I see now that you are selling wholesale amounts, except for the coke.
StarDockGaLiX: Yes, the herb is easy to get here, but the Coke is difficult due to the fact that there is border crossing involved.

DeepDotWeb: Is it common for vendors to communicate with other vendors, and about what?
StarDockGaLiX: To be honest, I haven’t contacted any vendors but know of a vendor that left the market place because he now just sells directly to vendors. maybe thats something I should do, but haven’t really looked in to it. I do get messages from other vendors warning of scams, which is nice.

DeepDotWeb: Can you share some interesting experiences you have encountered while vending? (with buyers, market admins, other vendors etc…)
StarDockGaLiX: Interesting ones was when a vendor pretended to be a customer, and bought $20 worth of stuff from me only to leave a bad fake review.. how awful..

Once, I found some vendor and his facebook… just flossing lol I’ll give you an example:
One vendor claims to be from Los Angeles, had a weed shop before getting shut down. My friend went to the menus of the Los Angeles through which can be thousands.. We recognize their logo and capture screens to be real similar to the one on the DNM, we advised the vendor to change it up before police catch on. This vendor is huge and maybe one of the biggest, not sure if he even listened to us.

DeepDotWeb: Haha i bet this is pretty common one.
StarDockGaLiX: And with buyers, the thing that is interesting how cheap some can be but smart enough and manage to get on the darknet. Customers that beg for samples is funny.

DeepDotWeb: Do you interact at all with the market admins?
StarDockGaLiX: I do with Agora, recently advised them if they could take down the weapons sections. As much as I like Weapons, I can’t sleep day and night not knowing if this person is going to kill a kid or do something stupid, plus, it brings the attention to the market, but haven’t heard anything from the Admin… hope they take consideration on it because I don’t think its a big $ lost if they remove the section, I think anyone that wants to buy a gun can get it off the street, what I see on agora sometime is even dynamite lol.

DeepDotWeb: I always wondered if that’s real or just scams – But not long ago someone was arrested in my country for Ordering Weapons from DNM’s so o guess its real, we also saw agora on the Australian news 2 weeks ago in this connection.

StarDockGaLiX: I think mainly us vendors are scared of the outcome of some markets and how long they will last. some do this for a living, some have jobs… some stress satisfying customers.

DeepDotWeb: So why are you not migrating to markets with multisig?
StarDockGaLiX: well I migrated to the Pirate Market, but keeping track of multi markets is tough unless you got a crew or some sort. right now its scary.

DeepDotWeb: Pirate market is not using multisig Yet.
StarDockGaLiX: That’s something I have to look in to and want to do, with little help I didn’t notice the new stuff that was implemented like “multi-sig”. You need to slap me.

DeepDotWeb: You will slap yourself the next time a market will run off with your money. Don’t think for a second it wont happen. it will.
{After that i explained some more about the multisig and why its a good practice to keep everyone safer)

StarDockGaLiX: another thing I wanted to mention but sounded crazy to some. I was offering a “Vendors Safety” class, on how to use linux, pgp, security, how to know if the USPS is watching you, how to lock down your computer, how to use other people to buy your supplies, how to hide your inventory, use private phone lines, VPN access, and best of all. HOW TO NOT use STAMPS and buy eletronic stamps without using your information. Not to make profit, but my way of vending is pretty much well thought and different from how most vendors do things on the daily outside the market.

DeepDotWeb: Why Did they find it Crazy?
StarDockGaLiX: They dont want to pay or trust me, or unsure.

DeepDotWeb: You mean vendors did not approve this service?
StarDockGaLiX: no, they did. but wanted to know how I will conduct it maybe I don’t charge but send it out as a guide… show appreciation.

DeepDotWeb: They were probably afraid of false / malicious advise or stuff you can find for free being sold to them. This how people usually react to guides etc..
StarDockGaLiX: You are right. But most of the information can’t be found. its something that all vendors have been trying to do, and not sure if they accomplish them.

DeepDotWeb: Lately i see a major increase in vendors requesting to be interviewed. (probably after the TSC interview You think that those interviews are being viewed as a good thing in the DNM community / Your buyers?
StarDockGaLiX: Yes, I think its good. buyers need to know we’re for real…. before I become a vendor, I had a friend order XTC from SR.. he said it was so good, but days of being paranoid he said lol

DeepDotWeb: Which leads me to ask… do you think such interviews have an impact on a vendor sales?
StarDockGaLiX: I never thought of it as to increase my sales or came to mind, now i think of it.. it could.. and it could get the LE on my ass more lol I’ve seen these vendors get caught, but none ever amaze me to see who they were really on the outside, if this person was a well known person in the city, or already a drug lord.. seems like your average joes get caught.

DeepDotWeb: Do you test your products for adulterants?
StarDockGaLiX: Yes, I have friends that do… And the fact our coke comes straight off the brick, not much testing to be done. People test it and just say “Holy shit”.

DeepDotWeb: Have you shared the test results somewhere?
StarDockGaLiX: not sure, but I think people on the forums posted it once.

StarDockGaLiX: Oh yeah, before I got in to this, I was part of the warez hacking group.. AOL Days.. I was a small time weed seller since I was in the 8th grade. lol funny shit

DeepDotWeb: Ohh really? used to love these stuff, what did you do there? like cracking software, distributer etc…
StarDockGaLiX: Both, distribute and cracking.

StarDockGaLiX: If bitcoin could be used to buy hookers… I would be broke. That’s what I want to know about vendors, is what they spend their $ on.

DeepDotWeb: They probably spending their money on the common stuff.
StarDockGaLiX: How many vendors actually do the drugs they sale? I never done XTC or Cocaine. Makes you wonder “if I know the quality then” yes I do.

DeepDotWeb: How do you know the quality of new batch without testing / using ?
StarDockGaLiX: I have a friend that been doing drugs for awhile and he has testing kits. my suppliers are trust worthy and sometimes won’t even give me products because they say “Its not good enought for me”
even its B grade, they only give me A grade or A+, Other vendors say they strive, but they’re still small times..

StarDockGaLiX: to get XTC and Cocaine, in California. You better have some muscle

StarDockGaLiX: Friend of ours was murdered last year..

DeepDotWeb: While getting supplies you mean?
StarDockGaLiX: He was a vendor too, but I won’t say his name, he was robbed for his supply we believe.

DeepDotWeb: This sounds like an interesting story.
StarDockGaLiX: No1 knows, because a dead man can’t speak And his friends knew nothing of his business on the dark web but me

DeepDotWeb: Well.. his buyers knew i guess? i mean they knew his gone at least…
StarDockGaLiX: He just never signed back on,..

DeepDotWeb: Was on SR1 ?
StarDockGaLiX: Yes, on SR. Account was left sitting and customers thought he maybe was caught or quit.. But an customers once stated he was stressed and maybe left the game. He was an XTC/Shroom dealer. Sad, Darknet is a safe place, outside of it isn’t. I do this business to help customers avoid that dangerous shit.. Make sure my stuff is clean before sending out, don’t want anyone to O.D

DeepDotWeb: You deal only within USA?
StarDockGaLiX: Yes, Something interesting i would like to mention about that – I talked to a gal from the Post Office, I go out of my way to meet these people and question them, she states that sometimes the sheriff comes by and sniff out the express packages and international, shit I had to beleive her, she works there. Vendors may want to avoid nice post offices, try and go to unorganized ones where people are standing in line asking for help.. if you got your stuff together, the post office will look at you like GOD and leave you alone. post office clerks focus on the unorganized people that don’t know how to box stuff or need to know shipping dates, us vendors just want to get in and go! avoid using the machines, they have cameras on them if you use a card. don’t over pack packages or make funny company names.

DeepDotWeb: Ever had stuff seized / love letters domestically ? (i mean that customers sent you proof for that)
StarDockGaLiX: funny u ask. not 1 box seized, knock on wood.. from time to time, we use stealth and have some people work in the post office for us, even so, we use different methods and locations. you know what a Ghost is? my packges go to the post office and I’m not seen. I can’t be seen. my method is almost near perfect, I avoided all the steps that vendors are taking such as “going to buy supplies, dealing with the front desk clerks, buying stamps, getting tracking labels”. Also a vendor must avoid using the same series or tracking #’s. if the FBI or whoever feels like a vendor has a batch of Tracking Labels, they can trace the last two digits as its a series of continuing numbers. so packges tracking for example 903409493-43,44,45,46 StarDockGaLiX: if he gets caught, they can just type in the last two digits and see where all the packges he ever sent lol. Idiot move.

StarDockGaLiX: guess where I’m at? Work lol. Work sucks man but no1 will ever believe your a vendor on the DNM.

DeepDotWeb: you dont have to answer, but you are probably not married as well?
StarDockGaLiX: In this business you really can’t unless you don’t love the person. Regardless of the DNM and streets, I feel sorry for anyone that has to be married to a vendor, its tough business… i know some vendors have families, thats why they vend, to support their families.

DeepDotWeb: Are you in your 20+ or 30+ ?
StarDockGaLiX: 20’s.

StarDockGaLiX: This vendor life isn’t for everyone though, they should know that in the interview. Thanks for the interview friend, I will let you get back to whatever and appreciate all you done on your site and providing such good articles


Updated: 2014-05-07