Evolution Market: Now Offering Multisig Transactions!

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May 6, 2014

We have another market joining the Munmltisig Family, Now evolution, as always, we try to support those market offering multisig transaction so we bring you here the multisig usage guide as its listed on their wiki, this will also be listed on out multisig guides page and the market will be promoted to the multisig category on our list:

Evolution Marketplace –  http://k5zq47j6wd3wdvjq.onion


Using and accepting multi-signature (multisig) transactions on Evolution is pretty straight-forward. The following sections will explain how to obtain bitcoin public-private keypairs (section 1), how to configure your account for multisig (section 2), how to order using multisig (section 3), and finally how to claim funds (section 4).

Keep in mind that this is an advanced feature still. Make sure to know what you’re doing, or you could lose funds.

Obtaining Keypairs

This section will explain how to obtain a public-private bitcoin keypair using the Bitcoin-QT debug console (Help > Debug Console) or bitcoind. It’s a simple 3-step-process that will provide you with a public and private key. Once inside the console, start by obtaining a new address using the following command:

It will output a new bitcoin address, for example ‘1LtZhZ8rNcRRqqayUfzUcxywF59MSPHxoV’. To obtain the public key use the following command:

Make sure to replace this example address with the address you just generated yourself. It will output something along the lines of:

The value identified as pubkey is the public key you’ll need to set-up multisig on your account.

Lastly, we need to obtain the private key associated with public key. To do so, use the following command:

The output of this command is the private key associated with your public key. You will need this private key in order to sign and release the funds from the multisig address, so make sure to keep it somewhere safe.

Account Configuration

Before you’ll be able to accept/use multisig escrow, you’ll have to specify your bitcoin public key and your payment/return bitcoin address. You can do so here: my evolution > settings > multisig.

Note that the payment/return address should be a bitcoin address that belongs to you, i.e. an address in your bitcoin wallet.

If you wish to accept multisig escrow transaction, you’ll need to configure so in your store settings (my evolution > store > settings). The default setting is to accept regular escrow only – change it to ‘multisig only’ or ‘both’ depending on your preference in order to accept multisig escrow for orders.


Ordering products using multisig escrow isn’t really all too different from using regular escrow. First, deposit the appropriate amount into your evolution wallet using the default procedure. Once the funds have credited to your account balance, order the desired product as you normally would. In Step 3 you will have to option of selecting your preferred method of escrow, select ‘multisig’ to use this form of escrow, and continue to place the order.

Upon placing the order, funds (minus fees) will transfer from your evolution wallet to the multisig address that was generated. You can view the multisig address on the orders detail page.

Claiming Funds

When the order is finalized, canceled, declined or split, the appropriate party (or both parties in case of split) can claim their funds. On the orders/sale details page there will have appeared a button underneath the multisig address reading ‘Claim Funds’. Press this button and follow the instructions on this page.

Using the same Bitcoin-QT debug console we used to obtain the public-private keypair, we’ll sign the transaction in order to release your funds. On this page you will find a command similar to the following:

Replace YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY with the private key we obtained in section 1 and copy the entire command into the debug log. Upon submitting it will output something along the lines of this:

Copy the value identified as hex and paste it in the appropriate form on the ‘Claim Funds’ page on evolution. After submitting, the transaction will also be signed by evolution and the funds will be transferred to the address you specified as your return/refund address.


Thanks to the evolution staff taking another step to reduce marketplace scams!


Updated: 2014-05-06