E-Book Recommendation: GnuPG – High Level Cryptography

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May 2, 2014

To newbies taking their first steps with encryption, or users looking to expend their knowledge we would like to recommend about a new Ebook – released just now, about  GnuPG – that includes full explanations an usage guide for email &  files encryption the book if FREE for download or in a “Pay as you can model” (leave a BTC donation – you will see us also listed there since we provided some  minor contribution – any income will be donated to erowid.org)

Visit the Golden Keys Site Here</strong>
Download the Book Here (Don’t forget to support with a small BTC donation!) </div></div></p>

Description of the book and content:

Written by The Golden Keys Team who decided to write a guide on how to use e-mail with cryptography because internet privacy is very important and most digital communications these days are insecure.

As we all know, Right now you are exposed to a lot of hidden security risks that can lead to the monitoring and exposure of your private communications without your consent. Those risks could be eliminated or minimized if you used cryptography with your e-mails and files.

Although cryptography is mostly used by a few security and privacy conscious users, we believe that the more people use it the more it will become the norm rather than the exception, and the more other users and companies will adopt this technology to protect their data and communications.

This is why they wrote this guide and tried to make it as easy as possible so regular people can understand how cryptography works and start using this system in minutes. Contrary to popular belief cryptography is not something expensive, complicated and restricted to the army. In fact it’s the opposite: it’s free, easy to use and anyone can start using right away at home and at work, with family and friends, with business colleagues and strangers.

In this guide you will learn:

  • What is cryptography
  • How cryptography works
  • The risks of not using cryptography and the benefits of using it
  • How to install and configure the necessary programs
  • How to use cryptography with e-mail and files in minutes
  • How to invite other people to use cryptography
  • What cryptography does and does not

This guide is divided into four parts to make comprehension easier:

PART 1 is introduction and explains what is cryptography, how it works and, the reasons to use cryptography and what is GNU Privacy Guard, the software we work with. This part is mostly theoretical, with lots of images and graphics.

PART 2 covers how to install and configure the necessary programs to use cryptography with e-mail, as well as as how to create a new private key pair.

PART 3 covers how to use cryptography mostly with files, in text and graphic mode. Although graphic mode sections were written for Microsoft Windows and *NIX systems (such as GNU/Linux), the working is practically the same in other systems such as Apple OS X.

PART 4 contains a command reference list for quick consult, a custom message to send to other people that you would like to introduce to cryptography, and our final considerations.

Darknetmarket’s users should be with full control at PGP – but as we know, everyone has to start at some point, so for people looking for a quick place with comprehensive explanation to start with, this book will be a great read.

Visit the Golden Keys Site Here</strong>
Download the Book Here (Don’t forget to support with a small BTC donation!) </div></div></p>


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Updated: 2014-05-02