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April 30, 2014

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We all know that one of the most annoying things about DNM’s are the unexpected downtime’s, no matter what the reason is – DDOS, Technical issue, TOR network issue, too much traffic or other unknown reasons that are not very common in the clearnet world, but are part of the DeepWeb reality.

So we were happy to learn last week about a nice initiative to provide a quick overview of the marketplaces uptime status, its called DNSTATS and was introduced on this Reddit thread. The service provides some details about the uptime status of the various marketplaces including:

  • The total percentage of the up/down ratio
  • status codes
  • Time / Date / Link to website
  • Historical data about the uptime
  • Thumb image of the Market / Forum

And a few other points – and as we understand from the developer, more to come soon, the snapshot of the sites is being updated every 15 minutes, obviously this does not help to prevent the downtimes but it can sure as hell help you save some time when you want to check if:

1. Is market “x” back up yet?

2. Is it down for everyone or just me?

3. Which marketplaces tend to be down more than others?  (being attacked? busy?)

4. For us – its a n easy way to check and clean dead markets from our marketplace list.

And so on… so:

You can find the service here:  http://dnstats.net/index.php

If you found it useful, consider supporting the developer by sending a donation to: 1N98rwJjwh9uyRdraYMkdgTYrSn83Hp82R
Or contact: contact@dnstats.net

This is the quote of the original thread on Reddit where it was published:

I was bored at work today and though it might be good to be able to see the status of all the sites in the side bar quickly.. I made a fairly simple site to grab a image snapshot of the sites and then make it easy to see if they are loading..


I literally made it just now. Use hidemyass or tor to access if you are worried about dox etc. The server isn’t logging either.

If people think its a good idea, I may expand it with outage notifications etc. maybe keep a history of the images.

Currently updates every 15 minutes.

edit: I need to tune the proxy a bit better.. as some sites are giving proxy related errors. actually, those sites don’t exist that’s why..


  • added some better formatting, sql database and saving the HTTP status for each site. so we can have some historical views of the sites uptime.
  • my coding is pretty crap and this is just a hobby so excuse me for the crapness


  • Display last 24hr uptimes and trends
  • Gather a bit more data to present
  • Add some colour coding for site statu
  • Maybe an rss feed or some kind of alerting
  • Get some better formatting and CSS etc.

Along with the previous service we were reported about – Grams, the DNM search engine, this is another service that we were expecting to and we really hope to see this one develops into a widget that we will be able to embed here fully on the site.

Screenshots from the service:

To the developer – Thanks you! great contribution.

Updated: 2014-04-30