Darknetmarkets listing Count Is Booming: Approaching 50,000!

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April 30, 2014

There are more than 3 times more listings today on the Various Darknetmarkets than there were in October 2013 one the only 3 markets that existed – SR1, BMR, Sheep (along with some small, mostly scam sites), according to investigative report by the Digital Citizens Alliance.

Most of the reports focuses on comparing silk road 1 and silk road 2 while describing the changes along the way, but the part we found to be the most interesting in this report is the table comparing the number of DNM listing nowadays to the number of listing that existed in the Silk Road 1 Era, summarized in this table  that is far from being complete, at this date we count around 35 active marketplaces, and that’s after removing  few markets as “quality control” measures, so the numbers shown in this table – including only 11 marketplaces (one being down over a week now), and yet, the numbers showing over 41,000 listing in the markets (we estimate something like 50,000 including the other markets and the I2P markets):

We can see the huge increase since the Silk Road 1 era, summarized in this (more accurate table:

In the explanation below this table its being said – this excludes at least other 25 markets and some vendor shops who are established (exists over ~2 months):

  • The current state of the Darknet drug economy, despite the turmoil, is not all that different six months after the arrest of DPR if one looks strictly at the numbers (these numbers are as of January 29, 2014):
  • The current number of total drug listings is 176% of pre-TSR take down levels. This growth has come with increased competition, as there are now five marketplaces that have more listings than Sheep Marketplace did at the time of the original Silk Road seizure.
  • Silk Road 2.0 is the market leader with a 43% market share. TSR had 71% at the time of its seizure. 23
  • Silk Road 2.0 currently contains 105% of the drug listings that TSR had listed at the time of its seizure.
  • Agora currently carries 26% of drug listings and has seen major growth in listings, as well as credibility, since the hacks of Silk Road 2.0 and Pandora. Agora further differentiates itself from Silk Road 2.0, Pandora, and BlueSky by offering weapons.
  • Pandora Marketplace, thanks in large part to the Tormarket shutdown, occupied the number two slot for several months, but has since been overtaken by Agora. Pandora currently represents 19% of drug listings among major marketplaces.
  • There are several newer markets looking to get in on the action. These sites pop up quickly and usually fade away or are quickly identified as scammers, but some become viable option for those seeking drugs online. The markets listed above are worth keeping an eye on in the months to come.42

So its not being very accurate.

Data Aside and the bottom line is that the outcome of shutting down the silk road – was a massive growth booster and development for the DNM scene,  providing endless advertising services to the drug markets across the traditional media. And this research shows it clearly, Thank You, focus the next one on harm reduction.

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