TorEscrow, What Happend?

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

April 22, 2014

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Well, this Basically:
(We held back this report until now for the case it might be back, but considering the fact that the Admin were pretty active on the forums / Reddit, and we have yet to hear from them, it seems pretty unlikely to happen now)

The same story over again, for an traditional escrow marketplace:

1. Build reputation (let me remind that this market was not only a market but also a third party escrow service – so they had shit load of money in escrow, being an escrow service)

2. Grow (also, be very active on reddit / hub)

3. Say you are going to be an invite only market using some “web of trust” sign for users / vendors. (this one is actually unique for this particular market)

4. Get more users

5. Stop Withdrawals

6. Poof.

7. Have fun.

*8. Optional – Say you got hacked

Sorry for using the same picture for the millionth time.

How to proceed from here?


1. Start here – Multisig Guides
2. Than Continue to here to the multisig category- Updated List of Hidden Marketplaces

Sorry for those who lost money, and hopefully this will not happen again (but it probably will).

Updated: 2014-04-22