Ross Ulbricht’s Lawyer Moves To Drop All Charges

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April 2, 2014

In an article posted at forbes today it was mentioned that:

In a motion filed over the past weekend, Ulbricht’s lawyer Joshua Dratel argued that all charges against his client should be dropped, including accusations of conspiracy to traffic in narcotics, launder money, hack computers, and run a “continuing criminal enterprise,” a charge often called the “kingpin” statute and used to prosecute mafia and cartel leaders. After being arrested in San Francisco last October, Ulbricht pleaded not guilty to all those charges in February.

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We will keep following how this develops as this trial not even started yet and is already starting to raise interesting legal questions that some were never heard before, although i must point out the ones concerning the liability of a site owner to the users content been discussed many times in court before – and probably  wont be offering any good news for Ross, especially if it will be proved in court that he  was earning commission from the sales that took place on the site.

Read Dratel’s full motion for dismissal of the charges against Ulbricht below.

Updated: 2014-04-02