Poll: Should We Publish An Interview With A Pedo Site Owner?

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April 2, 2014

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Update 19.6.14: This is the BBC article including the interviewed site owner we introduced to them – here:

The quoted guy there is the same from here – “Xian” – Former Owner a .onion imageboard site used to be called “Pedo City” that was taken down by himself since he could not handle all the DDOS attacks, around the time i interviewed him (and did not publish back than).

That was a bit before i introduced him to the BBC reporter Angus Crawford which i was helping at the time with a series he is working on about the Deep Web. They published only few quotes from him, i thought they will post more. </div></div>

Update 1.5.14:We have Connected between the Interviewed site owner to a BBC Journalist working on a DeepWep series, so if everything goes well – you will be able to hear what he has to say there, the BBC are much better than us with editing this type of material to keep it safe.

Update 12.4.14: Full clarification and explanation of all the claims that were raised & the questions regarding the cancelled interview can be found here

Update 4.4.14: Despite the poll results and the fact that we know this will bring us quite a lot of “media” attention, our decision is to NOT publish this interview – this is not some “stunt”, we seriously considered it, received many many comments trough various channels and came to the conclusion that the bad is more likely to outweighs the good and this stuff should not be posted here.

Ok, We have come across some moral dilemma that we were unable to find an answer to. so we decided to place a poll and ask our readers what they think we should decide about it…

First of all i must say we receive A LOT of weird emails from weird people. But A about a week ago we have received the following disturbing mail (some details removed):

Hello DeepDotWeb,

You seem to be very interested in breaking news on the drug aspect of tor, but what about the other stuff like pedo sites?
If you want to do a Q and A with the owner of {$%#%#$%}, then I am here for you.
You can verify that its really me by going to this page I set up at my site:
{$#%#SickFucks$%^$^}.onion/message2DeepDotWeb.txt (dont worry there is no CP on this page)

You will also find my public PGP key there.  You can reply me back at ******@******.net

First of all i must say that we never even tried to access his site and will never try beside checking the proof page he provided, but the domain name and some search we have done on Google pretty much confirmed that he is in fact the owner of a known pedo site that can be access using TOR (onion).

So we went ahead and sent him a bunch of questions, followed by some answers and some more questions and some more answers, over the course of 3 days, which left us with a long document and 3 nights without the ability to sleep due to the level of shock we have experienced from this opportunity to get the chance and read, first handed some pretty sickening details about the life and minds of one of TOR’s biggest pedo sites owner – along with some more details about how they operate, how they perceive reality, to which levels of darkness they are capable of, and the most shocking one – how many of them operate online (just from him telling us the amount of traffic he is getting).

The raw text is of course pretty hard to digest so it will be censored of course.

Bottom line is,  we are not sure how publishing  this might be beneficial to the world, beside surfacing the problem (obviously he will not have any publicity since every detail is removed), and we would like to ask our readers to tell us what you think, such document should be published? if so, under which terms?

You can answer in this poll, or in the comments (Poll closed):

**Please let us know if you had any technical issues with this poll not loading and stuff – it was tested and working fine with Tor + Disabled JS**


We will leave this poll up for a few days to get the picture,  if we still wont be able to decide – we will consider this as a clear NO.

Updated: 2014-04-02