DoctorX “Ask a Drug Expert Physician” Thread – Now on The Hub Forums!

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March 26, 2014

For those of you not familiar with DoctorX, Probably the most important harm reduction initiative for the DarkNetMarket community in the past year  – Dr. Fernando Caudevilla, a Spanish Physician who has been offering professional advice about Drugs and Health during the last year in Silk Road1 and Silk Road2 forums:


As he told us yesterday – He have opened a thread to offer his services in The Hub forums. Although he have been doing this in SR1 and SR2 forums, he feels more comfortable in a forum not associated to any market and, probably will definitely move to the Hub in some months, although he will keep both SR2 and Hub by the moment:

The new thread on the Hub forums can be found here:

Further info about Dr. Fernando Caudevilla:

If you think hist work is worthy (and its sure is!), please consider a donation: 18RWvfBM4KeRBdsWr7kpSSCyJGDdYrCSCZ

His blog on Drugs and Deep Web:

This is the introduction thread from the Hub Forums:

===Start Quote===


I am a Spanish Family Physician working in fields like risk reduction associated to drug use, club drugs, new synthetic drugs, cannabis therapeutic and steroids since 1999. I would like to contribute to this forum offering professional advice in topics related to drug use and health: pharmacological interactions, risks of drug use in particular conditions (specific diseases, problems of health…), contraindications, adverse effects and toxicity, risk reduction measures…

This advice cannot replace a complete face-to-face medical evaluation, but I know how difficult can be to talk frankly about these things. You can see my CV on my personal web-page

You can also use PM for personal questions or video-conference in my web (available only in Spanish).

I will try to answer all your questions (if I know the answers) but I have limited time


Please look over and follow these guidelines before posting:

1) Have a look into this thread or in old threads where I have been offering this service. It is possible your question has been asked and answered already in SR1 or SR2 forums:

2) Try to be as descriptive as possible, the more accurate your information (age, gender, health problems, prescription/illegal drug use…) the more specific my answer will be.

3) Information in this thread is general advice, but it can’t replace a personal, medical evaluation. Health problems must be evaluated in person. No responsibility is assumed by misunderstanding of this information.

4) Please only use PM and PGP for personal questions. Most of the questions can be answered in general forum and can be useful to other people

5) Answering questions entails dedicating time and personal effort. Consider supporting this service with a donation

===End Quote===

The new thread on the Hub forums can be found here:

We thank Dr. Caudevilla for informing us about this, and for taking his time giving out free advice to the DNM users and helping them with staying healthy and safe!


Updated: 2014-03-26