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February 21, 2014

Update: This site was taken down.

So recently we came across a new service that was published on the Hub forums, the concept based on seemed interesting so we contacted the admin to ask him some questions in order to make a nice introduction post about this new Darknet community / social network. it is called Darknet Nation, and can be accessed at this url: http://26a2ueoc3xxrrgs4.onion/

At this point im not sure if its 100% developed and operational, but it might be interesting thing to follow up on, the site is based on the Joomla Comsocial plugin, something we rarely see on the Deepweb.

So what is Darknet Nation Exactly and how does it work?

Darknet Nation is an ambitious, semi-exclusive, member supported, community project.

Our duly elected members (more about that in a later interview) control every aspect of the community, from system administration to Reddit post to website maintenance . We feel a new way of approaching the darknet is in order. A New Darknet Order.

How is it different from the normal marketplaces we know?

When it comes to darknet dogma, particularly marketplace dogma. Too long have scammers and scam artistes with knowledge of network infrastructure, the need for privacy and exploiting community ignorance, been ripping off the darknet for literally 10’s of millions of dollars.

No one seems to be doing anything about it, nor does anybody seem to care. It’s just an “o well, let’s move on to the next centralized, escrow based marketplace and hope we don’t get shafted too hard when the site admins run with the money and claim it was hacked by ebook101.”

I mean just look at what sites like MtGox, Sheep, SR1 and SR2, tormarket, not to mention all the mini-Silkroads that popped up and then popped with all the funds. It’s time we started fighting back with some simple common sense steps and protocol.

What Made You Start this project?

Some background on how we got started. After falling victim to Sheep, a few months ago a couple of guys got together and decided to come up with a better Darknet community. I mean let’s face it, Silkroad 1 and 2 were communities, Sheep was a community, Pandora, Agora, DeepDotWeb (Our Note: we are not a community, nor have any intention to be) , are all communities, why not create our own and put everything WE would want in a community.

What features do you offer?

In no particular order of importance:

  1. Truly Decentralized. like a government, with separation of powers and all that good stuff. Different branches would control different area’s of the site. For instance the system admin section including root passwords, account logins, etc would be tied to one branch, while site administration including .onion private key hostname and info on how to recreate the site, would be tied to another branch. Still another branch would control the public and private encryption keys. All branches would have to work together to get anything done. Of course that would take another interview but we’re fleshing out a constitution as we speak. Maybe you can help? Anyways, we will have Public Elections with campaigns and all. It should be fun!
  2. Anonymous. Tor, Tails, Pidgin with OTR, PGP should be standard knowledge and moderately enforced. Our members should make some attempt at being aware of and using the latest software geared to keep them safe
  3. An actual virtual location were we can meet and be a community. complete with Instant Messaging, Forum, Groups, Classified Ads, Member submitted directory with reviews and ratings, contact information for vendors and other useful stuff to facilitate the connection of our members.
  4. Community owned, supported, non-profit
  5. Informative. We pull in all the latest and relevant news feeds from all over the web, DeepDotWeb, The Daily Dot, Life Hacker, and many more.
  6. Free Tools and information including Multi Signature WebApp, Classified Ads, News, Links to useful software, tutorials, We have a hidden encrypted messaging system we’re working on and should be available soon
  7. Retention. We want our site to be your first or maybe second after visiting DeepDotWeb for the latest news.
  8. We believe in free speech and the dissemination of information and tools.
  9. NO ESCROW. We NEVER handle Bitcoins, Cash or tulips, the target on our back from hackers is almost null. In fact we welcome all the hackers and script kiddies to make themselves at home, just please try not to make a mess of the place.
  10. Registered active members should be rewarded for participating, there are hidden sections for registered users and some areas can be invite only. (shhhh… we do have a point system where points can be redeemed for “prizes” we may offer, but we’re still making sure it can’t be cheated. so look out for that too)

How does your payment system work (if exists)?

Darknet Nation doesn’t  have a payment system, per se. We are not a market, per se. We do not use or endorse using centralized escrow. We use open source software, along with creativity, and ingenuity to achieve most of our objectives.  For instance we’ve been using Multi Signature Transactions since Bitcoin Improvement Protocol 016 (BIP016)

Check out this link for the details:

our implementation is based on the open sourced project being developed and maintained by coin bin:


Do you use Bitrated we recently reported about (just asking since your multisig script seemed similar) ?

Bitrated.com also uses an implementation of the core software and libraries as outlined here


We are thinking about using Bitrated version but we feel our implementation allows for more flexibility and transparency. Maybe Both!

A note about escrow and Multi Sig
Here’s the thing, most people think Multi Signature Transactions and escrow are the same thing. Let me state here in big bold letters Multi Signature Transactions is NOT ESCROW! At no point does anybody have the power to “run off” with the funds. Multi Signature Transaction is more like a lock where a predetermined number of signatures are required to unlock that transaction.

Using the free open sourced tools we provide to the community a buyer and vendor should be able to successfully complete a transaction without having to use Escrow, a website or trust.

What do you consider as the most important things that are needed for your common user (that you offer)?

You only need a small amount of knowledge and information. (DeepDotWeb, Google, Darknet Nation)

A way to research potential vendors, sites such as El Presidente’s All Market Vendor Directory along with our site can be used to facilitate a responsible choice

A way to honestly rate and review Vendors.

A way to keep in contact and share information. (i.e. Pidgin with otr http://www.pidgin.im/).

A way to conduct a Multi Signature Transaction (Bitrated, Our MultiSig App).

A reliable way to deliver product (postal service).

What other interesting features do you have there?

We have a classified section where Vendors can post ads that will display beautifully with lots of information and relevant fields. We think it’s a great concept! Free classified section

We are not a community geared towards the lazy, or people who don’t take their security and freedom seriously. We as a responsible community have to stop relying on sites or captains to protect us. If companies like Target can be hacked for 100’s of millions of user accounts then that should show how ANYBODY can be hacked or compromised.

Our entire site was built around community and making it easier for like minded individuals to connect. Our directory has an area for member submitted reviews with a 5 star rating system. Members can leave unbiased comments on all there favorite vendors, marketplaces, escorts and even websites. Vendors can also reply to comments left. Vendor cannot manipulate the system as there are safeguards in the backend to prevent inflating reviews!

As you know we use many of your wonderful blog entries to cover our info and news section, thanks and keep up the good work. Our site does use Javascript and most of the ui, video, and “uploading” will not work. Our Multi Sig App definitely needs JS to work. as well as Bitrated. Thanks for the suggestions, our copyrighter (me) will be tasked to that right away.

Is the Site fully functional at the moment?

At the moment we’re wrapping up on the beta-testing and issues such as page displays, color schemes and overall aesthetics will be addressed as soon as possible. (eventually a website designer with skills much better than ours will become a member and take care of that) We really need more volunteers and members to help the Nation grow.

Final notes?

I really hope I’ve answered your question without getting you caught up in my spaghetti thought process. We also read ALL of your articles and REALLY found the one you did with Bitrated very simple and informative. Multi Sig Transaction should not be a mystery. Nefarious admins probably always knew about the coming change and just bailed ship!

Your welcome to become an honorary active member, in fact we look forward to working with you on a consistent basis.

As a final note. We believe sites such as DeepDotWeb, TheHub, El Presidente’s All Market Vendor, Bitrated, Darknet Nation and many others can benefit by joining together rather than going at it alone!

We also believe in joining forces with others who have the users benefit as their main goal, And we thank the admin for kindly taking the time to answer our questions!

Darknet nation url: http://26a2ueoc3xxrrgs4.onion/

Site will be added to our list of hidden marketplaces

Updated: 2014-02-21