Alleged Silk Road 2.0 Hacker Doxxed!?

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

February 18, 2014

Well this is an interesting turn of events, Silk Road user Oracle (that you probably remember from the moderators arrests psy-ops) just posted a full doxx of the alleged silk road 2.0 hacker, explaining the story behind the hack and posting the entire personal details of the hacker including name and full living address, giving him a chance to return the money before something bad happens, this post was deleted in less than an hour, but during this time many people had the chance to screenshot the post and copy it, one of them provided us the full text of the doxx, we have of course blacked out all personal details from this post made by the Oracle:

(Thanks to the user who provided us with the text, who wished to remain anonymous)

Is this real or just another attempt to spread disinformation to divert the attention from the real people who stole the money?  You decide. (Our notes in red for those of you not familiar with all the names)

=====Start Quote====

*Mods please do not delete this, I don’t give a fuck about anti-doxxing policies and I’ve worked very hard, paid out of my pocket and have open myself to exposure to put this thieving fuck on blast*

Everyone else: quote and take a screen shot immediately incase this gets taken down

“Pritel” – real name: PXXXXX LuXXXX

Hey XXXXX, hows it feel reading this? Panicky? I won’t ask you or enter a dialogue XXXXX, but I’m going to insist you contact Defcon (Silk road 2 admin) or one of the moderators and arrange to pay back the money. Or ask them for an address and if by magic the funds show up, you’ll probably live out the rest of your life relatively healthy. If not.. there’s people who’s money you’ve taken who will probably make you wish you were in hell. Understood XXXXX? Fuck you and your ratfuck thievery.

I’m going to keep this short. Stexo (Known money launderer used to be active on SR1, suspected of being DPR2) had given laundering advice to some XXXXX during SR1, who were also shopping around code they “claimed” to have breached or obtained from Gox and Btc-E. Don’t know if they’re legitimate devs or just malicious fucks, and it’s irrelevant at this point. SR2’s initial back end and engine was coded by one of these guys on contract, “PXXXXX”. Libby had thought it would be useful to farm out some of the initial development of SR2 to one of the XXXXX devs and asked fucking stexo to make an introduction. Lib (Libertas – One of the arrested Silk Road forum moderators)  introduced PXXXXX to Defcon in October, and he did whatever initial development he was paid for. Before the site went live his contract was up and Defcon and party took control of the admin stuff. Most likely this is the reason for the initial spotty site access in the initial days – Def just didn’t understand a lot of the code and kept fucking around with it.

A VERY reliable source has confirmed to me unequivocally that PXXXXX (PXXXXX LUXXXXX) has been bragging that he hit Bitstamp, SR, and Gox with DDoS, flooded them with mutated transactions, and even made a fortune. TL;DR – XXXXX former contractor used the transaction malleability media hoopla (WHICH CAN NOT BE USED TO STEAL COINS) as a cloak to break in and steal. His initial development work probably worked as an advantage, or he kept a clone of the security methods, I don’t know – but PXXXXX LUXXXXX is now THOUSANDS OF BTC RICHER THEN HE WAS A WEEK AGO.

Libertas should NOT have recommended this piece of shit solely because they were previous clients of stexo’s. And stexo is not an authority on developers or computer security just because he once advised him and his merry band of XXXXX bottom feeders on how to launder their BTC.

All of this initial incompetence brings us to a hack/heist of millions of dollars. Un fucking believable, and un fucking acceptable.

I’ve tried my best to present as much facts as I could obtain, and believe me I have spent my own time, energy and funds getting this information and putting the pieces together. IF THIS POST IS DELETED, I will REPOST IT FROM DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY AD NAUSEUM.

6.XXXXX PXXXXX, ŽXXXXX – PXXXXX (XXXXX Republic) .. how do you feel buddy? Didn’t expect this huh?

Anybody in PXXXX or around this area.. I can’t advise you on what to do, but..use your imagination.

=====End Quote====

By the time we posted this, it was already published on the Silk Road Sub reddit as well and will probably gets deleted soon. some users were quick to react and offering to go and check the address for themselves:

We can only hope this will end well.

Now we will still be following the forums as it was told by the Oracle that he will keep posting this again and again until all the stolen funds are returned. the most interesting question is if this will lead to some of the money being returned or now, we will update as we will have more information.

Updated: 2014-02-18