Mindblowing Silk Road Statistics: Best Selling Drugs

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February 16, 2014

A Great thread was just published on the Silk road 2.0 forums, showing statistic of the marketplace Best sellers items and vendor as it was crawled by one of the users:

He even put up a domain to see the data: http://twam2dcppennla6s.onion/  (must have JS enabled)

Link to the Op: http://silkroad5v7dywlc.onion/index.php?topic=26644.0;topicseen

This the quote:

===Start Quote===

Hello Everybody!

I know timing isn’t best, but I’m here to tell you about my “just for fun” project, in which I spidered the whole Silk Road and I’m serving results in very user friendly charts about vendors and items. These charts display interesting numbers such as average feedback rating, total feedback, etc. The charts are also easily filterable and sortable. Simply, the site has all needed functionality for finding top vendors/products of your interest. The reason why I decided to do such site is because I missed such functionality on Silk Road. I understand they have lots of other stuff to do, especially nowadays

I hope spidering SR isn’t against policy or something. I’m doing this, because I like SR and I want to improve shopping experience for everyone   I use non aggressive spidering, so it doesn’t hurt SR in any way.

Last spidering was done between 2014-02-04 and 2014-02-09 so data are not exactly up-to-date. Data will be updated as soon as SR will run again.
Also, since I obviously don’t have access to SR database, there might be differences between SR and my charts (some vendors/items might be missing), but I did my best to minimize such differences.

Requirements: The site is basically javascript app, so it won’t work with javascript disabled. I decided to go this way for best user experience. I can tell you the site is 100% safe for your browser, but it’s up to you to believe me. If the site gets positive feedback, I’ll also make non-javascript version.

And now little spoiler alert:

Items with most feedback left:

#1 ***Superman Xtc Pill***
vendor: Chemical Brothers
feedback left: 438
avg. feedback: 4.9498

#2 Tesco Vouchers £100 UK – 100% WORKING
vendor: Revivalry
feedback left: 433
avg. feedback: 4.9238

#3 200mg High Quality DMT
vendor: ringo deathstarr
feedback left: 380
avg. feedback: 4.9711

Vendors with most feedback left:

#1 technohippy
feeback left: 1746
avg. feedback: 4.961

#2 fredthebaker
feedback left: 1256
avg. feedback: 4.7667

#3 DrawkwarD
feedback left: 1099
avg. feedback: 4.9854

===End Quote===

This chart Showing the most rated vendors on Silk Road (the ones who had the most sales):

Top Rated Vendors (Vendors with best feedback):

Most rated items on Silk Road (best sellers):

Top Rated Items On Silk Road (Items with best feedback):

Oldest Vendors:

There are pages and pages of data on this onion domain, its a very interesting insight to the most popular drugs being sold online.

Updated: 2014-02-16