Introducing: Jolly Roger’s Security Guide for Beginners

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

February 13, 2014

This guide is an amazing piece of work that was put together by once person, the Jolly Roger – we found the publication on the hub forums on this thread:

We requested the OP’s permission to re post this guide to give it some better exposure and he agreed that we do so, if you want to contact the OP this is his profile on the hub forums:


He spent countless hours putting this thread together. If you gained some value and want to give back, He is accepting BTC donations.
Address: 1PkJ928QWC5BuQAsHoNQzRV5wfnveJSRCp

The full 45 pages guide can be found on site sidebar and trough here:

Click Here for the Guide

We thank the Jolly Roger for his contribution!

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