Utopia Marketplace is Now Officially Open!

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

February 3, 2014

Update:  Utopia Marketplace Seized by Dutch Police

Probably the most awaited marketplace of this time, Utopia marketplace was opened today to the public after being developed for a few months and having registration open just for former BMR vendors, there was no special release note for the new marketplace just a short message on their forums:

“If all things go fine like it is going right now.. we will open the doors within a few hours..


– Last import from dev is working fine so far..
– Few currency problems noticed.. fixing problems now
– Fixed.. Last few tests running now..
– Uploading last updates to main server…

Note: Withdrawals will be processed once a day the first week, so keep this in mind before you ask about this.
Reason: Security is most important, we will monitor all transactions the first days before we modify the ‘BTC system’.

Note: Search engine will be updated coming days.. its works but not as it should..”

Utopia, being backed up by the former BMR admin backopy is suppose to become the biggest competition for Silk Road 2.0,  and the (temporary or permanent) replacement for Black market reloaded that was shut down couple of months ago due to some mysterious reasons, not leaving without a promise to be opened again with a new version, and until than (if it will ever come back) Utopia is intended to become its direct successor, offering the same vendors, user base and business approach with a much better user interface and new features, while we tested the marketplace we experienced some minor bugs that will probably be taken care of shortly. Anyway, starting today, you can try them out yourself:

Utopia marketplace url: http://ggvow6fj3sehlm45.onion/
Utopia marketplace forums url: http://ysas7uv4drg7rlwv.onion

Links are already update in our hidden marketplace list, So far everything seems to be going smoothly, we will keep following and updating if we will have any news.

We have taken a few screenshots from the new marketplace, within the first hours of opening the marketplace is already offering over 1200 product listing, which might hint on the fast growth that this marketplace is about to have:

Product page:

Category page:


Updated: 2014-02-03