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January 26, 2014

A Thread was posted on the Hub forums Earlier Making an Outreach for Harm Reduction & Drug Awareness Experts or organization who might be interested in sharing information and knowledge in a growing deep web community, for the benefit of drug users worldwide,  can you help? do you know any organization / person who might be able to contribute? let them know about this post. information saves live.

You can find the Hub Forum at this urlhttp://thehub7dnl5nmcz5.onion
The Original Thread on the Forums can be found here: http://thehub7dnl5nmcz5.onion/index.php?topic=245.0;topicseen

This is the quote of the original post, contact details at the bottom:
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Harm Reduction & Drug Awareness Outreach

> Could your knowledge of harm reduction help a large community of drug users?

> Do you represent a charity or program aimed at increasing drug awareness and/or reducing harm?

> Do you believe that harm reduction & drug awareness is a more effective approach than criminalizing personal drug use?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please continue reading. Why? Because right now, you’re on a forum made up almost entirely of people who want/need your help and share your beliefs.

So whether you’re a medical doctor, a drug awareness charity, an addiction specialist, a psychiatric counselor, or even an enthusiastic campaigner of drug law reform who recognizes that funds are better spent improving safety than criminalizing users, then we invite you to join ‘The Hub’ – we’re actually pretty friendly here, too.

’The Hub’, Our Goals, Our Community

”What is ‘The Hub’, and who uses it?

The Hub is a ‘deep web’-based forum that provides a neutral middle-ground for users of the various ‘drug marketplaces’. We are non-profit group made up of passionate volunteers. We provide this forum completely free of charge, and enforce a strict ‘no buying no selling’ rule – this is because we wish to become a central, impartial point of safety for users of the underground drug markets, rather than a profit-seeking illicit enterprise.

The majority of our members either buy or sell drugs online. This often means that the general public’s first impression of our community is one of ‘Thuggish Criminals’. However, what those who take the time to make their own mind up find, is that our community is largely made up of pleasant individuals who simply believe they should be allowed to put whatever substances they wish into their own body, and that they’d prefer to acquire these substances from the safety of their own home, as opposed to dangerous alternative of ‘the street’.

Because so many markets exist, we realize that a central area for impartial communication is necessary. We believe it is a vital part of keeping our community together, and seek to facilitate constructive discussion that protects our members from financial ‘scams’, improves their safety when purchasing substances online, and raises drug safety awareness to reduce harm.

You’ll see as you browse this site that we have made space for the discussion of individual marketplaces, rumors concerning product vendors, drug safety, and even general chit-chat.

”What are the beliefs and goals of the community?

Many of our members believe that there is something inherently wrong with governments and their continual ‘War On Drugs’. In many of their opinions, the trillions being pumped into ‘ridding the world of evil’ would be far better spent raising awareness and funding harm reduction programs. In fact, if the various government set aside just a single year’s worth of the funds spent chasing drug users and processing them through the various legal systems, the number of harm reduction and drug awareness programs that could be funded is staggering.

It is the belief of many community members that personal consumption of prohibited substances should be their own choice. And that is why here at ‘The Hub’, we seek not to judge each other on how we treat our bodies, but rather, we’d like to arm each and every member of our community with the knowledge and confidence to make more logical, informed choices.

We aim to keep the community safe, and in recent times, efforts to do this have proved very helpful and have supported the deep web community in increasing both their financial and physical safety.

How You Can Help

By pooling together our skills, our knowledge and the information we all possess, we are slowly but surely, as a community, increasing the safety and awareness of those choosing to use drugs.
But to continue this with maximum impact, we need your help.

So, if you are in a position to offer professional advice or share valuable resources, we, as a community, are open, receptive and enthusiastic about hearing what you have to say.

And as well as welcoming advice and resources based on well-established practice, we are also open to help and ideas that come from more ‘experimental’ ways of thinking. If you are a free-thinking medical professional or scientist, and have a theory or research that is not yet endorsed by governing bodies, please do not hesitate to share. Our members have already expressed a desire to make their own judgements and choices away from the bombardment of propaganda.

We also welcome any offers of people with expertise, such as doctors who could spend a few hours a week answering peoples questions, and remain of course open to any other professions whose skillsets could help our unique user profiles. Your time will be appreciated and people that want/need this information will be able to access it. And of course, given the nature of this forum and where it has hosted, it is easy to remain anonymous should you so wish. If you want help doing this, contact me or a member of staff.

Whatever you feel you can provide, and however little of a difference it will make, please contact me or another member of staff, and we will get back in touch with you. If you wish to leave contact details with some information about what you do, I will create a pinned thread with all this information on so people are able to find you and are aware of your existence. Please don’t hide – make yourself known, and let’s start helping people.

*Please be aware: Before you offer your help, it is important to remember that we wish to maintain an impartial and judgement-free attitude.*

A Few Closing Thoughts

The Hub has only been operating for around two weeks as of writing this post. Despite this, our ever-growing user base has already exceeded 1,000 members – this should surely show the true existence of a community that wants the knowledge harm reduction and drug awareness specialists have to offer.

Let’s all pay more attention to subjects such as drug safety, and let’s aim to build a very useful and large database of knowledge that all users can access,  knowing it is reliable information from people wanting to help and not wanting to scare monger.

Users of The Hub: You will be the people using this information, so please let us know what is missing, including what you would like to be able to access and have at your disposal. Also, if you feel there is someone who we should contact in regards to the topic of this thread, please contact me and I will try to get in contact with them while including their details on the pinned thread. We might as well aim high here and hope to be inundated with information and offers to help create a great impartial source of knowledge and information for all.

Thanks to DeepDotWeb for adding a few pointers to this thread, it is appreciated.
A very special thanks to Wit also for spending a lot of time editing this post and making it fit for reading. It is greatly appreciated!

Anybody reading this has permission to repost it anywhere else, but please remember that if you are posting it outside of the Deep Web, you will need to tell anybody who wishes to access our anonymous forum that they must first download the Tor Browser Bundle before entering our URL into their address bar. The Hub URL is: http://thehub7dnl5nmcz5.onion/index.php

You may contact myself at The Hub, or email me – [email protected] (public key included below this article on the forum),
or The Hub’s admin Alfred at [email protected] (public key in forum profile)

You can find the Hub Forum at this urlhttp://thehub7dnl5nmcz5.onion
The Original Thread on the Forums can be found here: http://thehub7dnl5nmcz5.onion/index.php?topic=245.0;topicseen



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If you read this and you can help, please do!

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