Infographic – A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Drugs Using Silk Road 2.0

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

January 25, 2014

Found this nice infographics posted by the user thirtysix36 on the Silk Road sub Reddit – here,  As he said:

Hey all. First time visitor. A couple of friends were asking about how to use Silk Road, and of course they had two million questions because it can be a pretty in-depth process. Maybe you are in the same situation.

So, I decided to make an infographic. It covers the entire process step-by-step, its easy to understand, and it is pretty much everything I have learned in the last year from about 50 transactions on SR1.0, 2.0 and Sheep. There’s a lot of good nuggets of information here that can really only be learned from experience.


Spread it around. Hope it helps you and your friends. :)

I saw another dude post his online guide recently. Spread his shit around too! The more information the better!

Well, Its our pleasure to spread this around a bit more as we also believe that the more information available, the better!

Updated: 2014-01-25