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January 23, 2014

One of the new and most intriguing marketplaces we have come across is Outlaw market, with its unique interface and the options it provides, it was clear to us that the people behind it are well versed  in the Darknet markets business, so when when they contacted us we were happy to take the opportunity and make a small interview with them introducing the features of this growing market, our word are in bold:

You can Visit Outlaw market at this url:
Forum: http://outforumbpapnpqr.onion

Can you tell us a bit about Outlaw market and what distinguishes it from the other markets?

Outlaw Market was created and launched while SR 1.0 was still up. Outlaw focused on developing their own software keeping their project away from open source platforms such as bitwasp, which is the currently being used by all dark net markets and has proven to be insecure and easy to exploit.

Our software prides itself for having improved security features aimed at protecting both customers as well as suppliers.

Distinguishable features:

  1. PGP secure login. This feature is mandatory for all sellers and administrators in a way to prevent phishing. With PGP secure login, every time a user logs in he will have to decrypt an automatically generated PGP message that contains a randomly generated password that he must then copy paste to proceed to the Market.
  2. Automatic message encryption. Once the user registers his PGP Public Key, all his communication across the market will be automatically encrypted to the receiver of the message. The server holds no Private Keysof any users, making it impossible to be decrypted internally. We find this to be of high importance since many buyers do not master encryption and sometimes might send address and other sensitive information unencrypted.
  3. Prepaid Trading time: 30€ for 30 days of trading. 3% fee on all purchases and 1% Tumbler fee on all payouts. The 3% fee will automatically top up your trading time according to your
    sales. eg. You sell a 100€ product. Which is taxed with a 3% fee, accounting for 3€. This 3€ will automatically top up 3 days of trading (1€ per day).

The third feature is a cool feature for vendors.

Are you verifying vendors from other markets to prevent impostors from scamming?

Verified vendors form other markets are set by the admins to “FE”, while unknown vendors need to prove that they are serious by making a series ofgood deals before receiving their BTC before customers confirm arrival.

How does the escrow / payment process works on your site?

Buyers at Outlaw Market do not need to deposit BTC on the account to order products, there are no internal wallets on Outlaw Market, making it pretty much impossible for funds to be phished and stollen.

On every single purchase the buyer will be given a specific address to pay directly into the escrow system. Both buyers and sellers must provide a BTC address to where funds will transferred directly in case something
goes wrong. The address registered cannot be changed afterwards, so even if your account does get hacked there will be no way to retrieve BTC.

So when vendors finalize an order the funds will be available directly to his desired BTC address. The stress of funds being frozen and unable to move just won’t happen.

All payments are mixed and BTC addresses will not be traced back to customers and sellers.

Correct me if im wrong, but this is exactly how Tormarket worked, and we all know how that ended?

Well, I cannot tell exactly because I do not know how Tormarket worked and ended. But I doubt that Tormarket hat NO ONLINE ACCOUNTS. That reduces the money in the system dramatically.

Most vendors from other markets are on FE and all big vendors are there very soon, so when they ship within 24 hours, they have their money within 24 hours. Any delay is immediately detected and as there are no online accounts, the risk of individual loss is small. But, there is always a risk, with P2P escrow it seems bigger for the vendors than our system, where the vendors who sell a lot are very fast payed out.

P2P does not protect vendors from scamming customers, our moderated escrow does this. Out Admins, who decide about the escrow, have no access to the bitcoins. Just the very small core team has, so the system is not risk free, as NO SYSTEM In THE WORLD is, even the US-treasuries are not risk free!

But we want to reduce the risk as much as possible to give honest vendors a good protection against scamming buyers and honest buyers against scamming vendors.

Any plans to implement a P2P escrow?

P2P escrow does not work for vendors! It is nice for buyers, but the vendor does not get his money when the user does not release it, so mostvendors I know do not like it. Where are the BTC P2P escrow stored? Who has access?

We are open to any approach that makes escrow better and safer..!

P2P sound nice, but how does it work? There must be moderation in some cases, both sides are anonymous… any escrow in Tor/Bitcoin offers trouble. P2P/Multisig sounds like a nice idea, but is it working? Nice terms, words, thought, but reality is different…

The first thing: BOTH parties must agree on escrow. 90% of BIG vendors do not want any problems with not coming funds. We offer FE decision by ADMINS, not customers. When we check vendor and prove he is serious, he get’s FE and the customers can trust us, that we checked the vendors. Reputation is necessary and SR was so big, as it had a GOOD reputation. We want to get the BEST reputation on the market….

Any other upcoming features?

Besides the mentioned above features we have many other interesting features that we hope will please the community.

  1. Local versions of Outlaw are due to be implemented with full language translations to German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and
    others. Outlaw is also pride to aim to present admins from various nationalities, supporting users on their native language.
  2. We also have the concept of Promotional codes, where vendors can created specific promotions according to their current business situation.
  3. Affiliate Program, users that spread Outlaw Market across the community will be given payouts according to their success rate on spreading the word.
  4. Boosted up seller profiles with statistical data and structuredfeedback. As well as a small chat vendor where all users can come to livecontact with the sellers.

Features to come:

  1. A whole range of different graphic designs.
    PS. We are opened to artist that might want to present their themes.
  2. More sales models such as:
    – Auctions
    – Falling price – Where price will start at a high point and from time to
    time the price will drop until purchased.

How much are you paying as referral fees?  can people track their referrals?

1%. Fees must be taken from the vendors and buyers, so the more fees we offer, the more fees we must charge. It would be possible to give higher fees when the vendors would agree on an affiliate program. It would be thinkable to create affiliate-programs when the vendors would feel that it is helping their business.

Our affiliate program now is basically a customer-discount program.

You can track the affiliates on your communication page where you can see how many people used the code. For normal customers it is limited to 20 uses of other people and unlimited uses of oneself.

We will need your BTC address to create the code for payments to go directly to your btc address. Since there are no online wallets.

We are a flexible team of developers and we can create new features as the need for them arrises so if you have any good suggestions let us know. Some sort of per click advertising could also be arranged.

You can Visit Outlaw market at this url:
Forum: http://outforumbpapnpqr.onion

You can also find the site with some details at our hidden marketplace list

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