Ross Ulbrich: Eagle Scout. Idealist. Drug Trafficker?

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January 19, 2014

An comprehensive article published by the The New York Times is telling (again) the  full story of Ross Ulbricht, Not that is has some information we didn’t know yet, but its still an interesting article summarizing all the events and interviewing hes friends & family, also hinting about the legal strategy that hes lawyer is planning – trying to prove that the IP of Silk Road server was found using illegal methods, something that could render all the evidence from this point forward – useless.  interesting read:

What is unclear is how the feds knew where the servers were. Presumably, they were rented in some faraway corners of the globe — Iceland, Latvia and Romania are likely, according to experts who have studied the I.P. addresses. But the official vagueness has provoked speculation in academic circles and among security specialists. Was the National Security Agency involved? Did this process involve breaking laws, or violating constitutional rights?

That issue will be at the heart of Ross Ulbricht’s defense strategy, says Joshua L. Dratel, his lawyer, whose clients include a Guantánamo detainee.“It’s called the fruit-of-the-poisonous-tree doctrine,” Mr. Dratel explained. “If you think of the acquisitions of evidence as a chain, if you find one bad link, everything on the other side of that link is suppressible.”

In other words, if Mr. Dratel can prove that the government acted improperly when it found and copied that server, all the evidence it gathered after that — including the laptop taken in that Oct. 1 arrest — could be tossed out of court.

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Updated: 2014-01-19