Cross-Marketplace Discussion & News: The Hub Forum Is Live!

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

January 15, 2014

It seems like its the communities week, just yesterday we posted about the new Vault43 Community based market and darknet info source, And today its time to release another one, although a bit different.

We always wanted a place where we can discuss all the Dark net markets affairs at the same place and stay up to date with all the drama and news that’s going around, without being depended on the forums of specific marketplaces especially with all the recent events of markets going down every week or two, So far the best option for this kind of discussion area was reddit and the loved DarknetMarkets Sub, Until now,

About two weeks ago we became aware of a great initiative and since than i have been holding myself not to publish it as i was asked to do so – at least until Wednesday, which is today when its planned to be launched, the site is something i would like to call an “.onion” based “Darknetmarkets”, and its called:  The Hub Forums. Basically, a Cross-market discussion forum and news center.

And since we already have Darknetmarkets on Reddit, one might ask himself why do we need another one? Well, there are few advantages that we can point out about using the Hub Alongside Reddit:

  • Its Onion based – so access is anonymous by default, and also a small barrier against random traffic.
  • The Sub-Forums are being moderated or at least being visited by the same moderators of various official forums
  • Vendors are verified prior to getting a vendor status on the forum
  • Every market has a discussion sub forum of its own rather than one discussion area for all – which makes it much easier finding stuff that relates to specific markets.
  • Open Place for healthy marketplace competition!

You can find the Hub forums at this Url: http://thehub7dnl5nmcz5.onion

There is no need for us to say much than that, so we will just quote the official welcome post from the forum, posted by Alfred, the forum admin, along with our recommendation to use this much needed platform while conducting your research about the different marketplaces and vendors or when your loved market/forum is down and you are looking for some official news from the mods.

(link to the Op: http://thehub7dnl5nmcz5.onion/index.php?topic=2.0)

=====Start Quote=====

Hello Everyone;

Many of you know me from The Silk Road forums.  I am Alfred and this is The Hub.

First and foremost, allow me to thank you for coming to The Hub.  Our goal is to be the best source for inter-marketplace discussion and news.  This forum is dedicated to the discussion of the various marketplaces on the darknet and for communication between vendors, buyers, and even market place admins.   We are not here to compete with any of the marketplaces but to make it easier for buyers to find them and feel safe using them.

Buyers: Find and share reviews on vendors, discuss your favorite marketplace, and discover something new.

Vendors: Get verified as a vendor (no matter what marketplace you use), and start sharing best-practice, tips and advice with other vendors across the entire spectrum of the Deep Web.

Marketplace Staff, Mods and Admins: Enjoy a private area (if you wish) to communicate openly and honestly with your direct competition – but please keep things civil!

Journalists: You heard it here first, journos! Enjoy access to The Hub’s Press Room, and make sure that it’s your stories about the Deep Web that hit headlines before anybody else’s.

Everybody: Browse The Hub for rumors, confirmed scams, breaking news and more – and, of course, relax knowing you have a safe place to gather with the people you love should your favourite marketplace go rogue, go bust or get seized!

Please note that there is a strict policy enforced about trades; no trades can take place on this forum.

Anyone attempting to make a trade will have their posts deleted without warning.  If there are too many occurences by the same person you will eventually have your account deleted.  This rule must be stricly enforced due to the nature of the darknet and these forums.

Other than that; have fun, grab a drink, and start chatting with other user’s of the darknet!

If there is anything you need never hesitate to contact myself or a member of the support team here at The Hub.

Your Humble Servant,


=====End Quote=====

Screenshot of the forum (yes… also SMF):

We Will be integrating links to the forum on our hidden marketplace list, Along with the Reddit links, with the hope that it will be used as a neutral gathering and discussion area for the different markets not related to one single market managements and not bound to get shut down by LE since there will be no illegal activity on the forums.

We wish Alferd and the other team members good luck with this project, it has a lot of potential.

Updated: 2014-01-15