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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

January 14, 2014

We just came across and browsed around a new and interesting service called Vault 43, you can find the vault 43 at this url: http://vault43nodowhdmy.onion

At start, We were not so sure about how to classify this community so we just combined 2 introduction posts from the market admin posted on reddit and on the vault itself, most important thing to say is that we like the direction things are going with the developments of community based markets rather than shopping cart based markets. here you can find explanation of the expected features (so far only the forum is live as far as i see):

You can read the OP here:

for all those wondering what exactly this is, it’s quite simple: It’s a darknet community resource pool. Everything from escrow to classifieds, forums to feedback consolidation, and more,
Below you will find the various services Vault 43 offers:

Community Wiki
This wiki can be edited by anyone, but linking to any for-profit services is forbidden. This is for new users to learn how to operate safety on the darknet, use tor, and explore the various resources.

Forum – Nothing specific, just a forum. Because you know, every other good forum seems to be lost to the ether with FH bust.

Vendor Pool – Aquatic facilities & centralized feedback for venders. Vendor pool is a project I’m working on that allows vendors to use a custom vendor store that has a unique output key for each sale that can be used to leave feedback in a single place. The Output Key will also be available as an API and Plugin so anyone with a .onion or even .i2p store can participate. Think of it as a centralized feedback system where vendors can have their own stores hosted anywhere they want. Alcohol is not allowed in the swimming area.

Classifieds – Basically like that one market that’s based on OSClass Classifieds script combined with Craigslist. No fees to post ads but also no guarantees, resolution, or support. So a bit more on the craigslist side.

Chat – Text based chat, I’m trying to find a javascriptless solution that performs as I need. I know there are already existing alternatives, but I’m trying to provide these all on-site.

Escrow Agent Pool – Similar to the vendor pool, but higher chlorine PPM and just for escrow agents. After each escrow trade,good or bad, both buyer and vendor have the opportunity to rate the agent.
Tools – Lots of encryption and anonymity tools. Just have a collection that the public may like to use as well.

Service Wiki
This wiki is similar to the Hidden Wiki, except only verified moderators are allowed to add and edit entries, although the community will also be able to keep an eye on the services lists as well as report them.

2 Factor Escrow
For escrow between two trusted parties.

3 Factor Escrow
For escrow between two untrusted parties with the addition of a third party moderation (or Escrow Agent).

Craigslist for the Darknet. This service offers no guarantee of delivery, resolution, or support; but it’s free to trade and post items.
====End Quote====

At this time it seems that the only thing live it the forums, but we like and support this idea so we decided to post about it. Here is a screenshot of the main page. you guessed it, SMF again:

Vault43 Is listed on our List of hidden marketplaces, as we understand its undergoing developments so its now listed under the new markets / being developed – and will change its status once we will see some more features being released.


Updated: 2014-01-14