Flomarket: Aaaan’d its gone! (With your BTC)

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

January 6, 2014

Well, cant say we didnt warn you, just a few days ago we reported that Flomarket has disabled all withdrawals , and the comment from the admin that they are “hoping” to fix this issue,

The market probably got hacked like the few previous markets – or the situation now is that “i got hacked” is the best excuse for scamming. this way or another, if you will try to access the site you will get this message:

“Website has been shutted down

We got hacked! A vendor managed to withdraw all BTC’s from this site. If you want to contact me, do so via TorChat (ID: flolellhwzjcle6d).
This is the end of FloMarket.”

Did anyone try to contact the owner? (not that this is going to help anyone)

This shutdown just adds up to a growing list of shutdowns (although not from same reasons in all cases): Silk road1, Atlantis, Sheep Marketplace, Tormarket, Black Market Reloaded And now Flomarket…

You can find the currently active markets at our list of hidden marketplaces – while Flomarket has moved to the “Dead / Scam Marketplaces” Section obviously.


Updated: 2014-01-06