BMR Based Market: Utopia Market

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb December 31, 2013

Side note: Two Hours after posting this, people told us that it was suppose to be some kind of a “secret”… We became aware of the market/url on several forums posts on several different  forums – and just hours later became aware of the post saying to “keep it secret” on bmr, so it is pretty much out there anyway.

There is a new market being developed now, it is called Utopia market – apparently it is being endorsed / supported in some way by Backopy – the Black Market Reloaded owner, who shut down recently,

Currently, Utopia is just a forum (and thank god for another Darknet Forum that IS NOT based on Simple Machine Forums), and the market is under constructions.  it is being claimed that Utopia is NOT BMR V5 by the new marketplace admin:

Utopia is a new marketplace and still under development. It will be ready very soon and we promise it will be better than any other market!

The market will be based on BMR (Black Market Reloaded) and is developed with some help and inspiration from backopy. As mods/admins from BMR we can say we do our best to make this place the best there is on the darknet… You won’t be disappointed.

All BMR vendors names are protected on Utopia market and can only registrar if they confirm their PGP key. Also the feedback reputation will be imported and available to keep doing business.

For now all I can say is keep your eyes on this as we do our best to launch the market as soon as possible.
We also ask you to keep this great news for yourself and your friends, because we don’t want trolls and retards here.

For the notice: Utopia has nothing to do with BMR v5 thats backopy’s own project and will be online when he’s ready.


Here are couple of screenshots for you from the new forum / market:

The forum is very new at this point bit it seem that it already has a decent user base of people who migrated from BMR. This sounds like an interesting market to come and we will be following this one to see where its headed. since the fall of the first SR, people are still looking for the next stable and trustworthy market, at this time – the way we see it, there are few candidates – TheMarketplace.i2pAgora,  And by the users reaction and the fact that its being supported by backopy (in some way at least) and that some old BMR moderators and users are there, it seems that we can also add Utopia to the list of potential stable markets.

There are several threads on the BMR forums regarding this market and people seem excited. if you can access the forum you probably saw (since new registrations are disabled there) Even some of the BMR Admins already mentioned they are registered there:

Quoting hes post (yeah we know he asked not to post the url but it was already posted several times on SR Forum before our post):

Please do not spread this news outside the forum we do not want a bunch of idiots registering only serious people.
Cosa (you may know him on the forum ) is currently at work over the project UTOPIA with the main admins SWIM and JLaw.

The forum is up and running correctly, this is the address http://ysas7uv4drg7rlwv.onion
You can see some similarities with BMR but this is not a project connected with BMR v5, if backopy will do a market again you will see a post here about it.
We’re just creating a little safe heaven for buyers/vendors in this dark darknet

I’m already registered on the forum, LC too along with cosa.

Keep yourself updated at the Utopia Market URL (currently just the forum):  http://ysas7uv4drg7rlwv.onion/

We will update the url in our list of hidden marketplaces – so far at the new markets section – until we have some real reviews.

Updated: 2013-12-31