WTF? The Silk Road 2.0 / DPR2 Farce Explained

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb December 23, 2013

Update 2#: Must Read – The Silk Road Tale And Psy-Ops!

Update 1#: Another great summary of the events here

(This is a continue from our previous report about a possible security breach in SR2) So, lets go from the end-to the beginning, DPR is most likely NOT compromised but lurking on the forums  most likely due to hes real identity is known both to Ross Ulbricht (the previous DPR) and to the arrested mods. its being assumed he is Stexo from SR1 – and due to the well known fact that hes real identity was known to Ross and the 3 arrested moderators (along with some others) – he was warned multiple times not to start Silk Road 2.0 by at least one user (Oracle), yet he still did, putting himself and everyone else in danger. The forum mods were fully aware of this situation and played along with the “Silk Road is compromised thread” which was later deleted.

Sometime later post from an Administrator called “Defcon” was posted telling about a “Contingency Plan”, and this is where my Facepalm made a very loud noise:

I Will not even quote this post again. so the thread from yesterday announcing that DPR was compromised got deleted – the scale of the farce became clear, When a user under the name Oracle started posting that he has all the information about whats going on and requested an approval from the moderators Cirrus and Chemcat to post what he knows with a promise that hes account wont be deleted.

Luckily as always, we have screenshots of the discussion before it got deleted and the information that was published was truly interesting, he started by posting a few scenarios describing the possibilities of the current situation, which did not really impress anyone:

Than posting some more information revealing the truth behind the scenes (the screenshots below), later on a username called Ditzbitch, posted a great summary of the situation, and here it is, we have edited the text to make it a bit more clear for those who did not follow everything so its not marked as a quote,  screenshot of the original post is below:

So ive been soaking this stuff up over the last couple days and Im just going to summarise what seems to have happened from what I can understand (all aspects to date).

  1. SR2 market is NOT compromised by LE. It is still held by DPR2, who is right here with us on the forums under different username.
  2. Arrests of Inigo, SSBD and Libertas are related to SR1 bust. DPR1 (Ross Ulbricht)  had doxx (all their personal details such as names and addresses) on these users and he has either given the info up directly (squealed) or indirectly (LE accessing info on his PC).
  3. DPR1 and other arrested individuals (Libertas and Inigo) also apparently have info on the RL identity of DPR2… therefore DPR2 fears he is about to get snitched up.
  4. DPR2’s disappearance was completely staged, with the knowledge of ChemCat and Cirrus, as an attempt for DPR2 to switch user alias’, the purpose of which is supposedly to cover DPR2’s tracks in the event that he is fingered. (fairly dubious how much protection this will actually afford him I would have thought?)
  5. It follows that DPR2 is Defcon and will be DPR3 when Defcon announces successor. (DPR2 = Defcon = DPR3).
  6. DPR2 is actually a a fairly unsavory character, formerly known on the SR1 forums as StExo. This article is all about StExo and it clearly shows that his sole interest is in hoarding as much wealth as he can lay hands on:
  7. So for me this clearly dispells the myth that our DPR2 is some kind of benevolent character who believes in the libertarian, revolutionary idiology that SR1 was originally founded on. I know history has shown Ross Ulbricht made a myriad of idiotic mistakes, but I would say that he set up SR1 for the right reasons. Not just greed.
  8. The user called ‘smoke2joints’ who popped up at a very opportune moment to provide evidence that ‘Hey.. no.. DPR2 is NOT Defcon and here is a screen grab to prove it… becasue I mysteriously had access to the admin area of the forum…’ blah blah  is clearly a puppet account of DPR2.
  9. The sole point of smoke2joints’ post was to provide evidence that DPR2 couldn’t possibly be Defcon. To me it seems unlikley in the extreme that just one user experienced that glitch in the forum ‘last night’ and just so happened to grab a picture that proved DPR2 couldnt be Defcon… pfff. Please.
  10. So the posting of that screen grab was just an attempt by DPR2 (I assume) to counter the growing awareness on the forum that DPR2 disappearance is staged and DPR2 = Defcon.
  11. As a by-the-by, subjecting that screengrab to an online photo forensic ELA test doesn’t reveal any photoshopping, but I think the image is too low quality to tell from what I understand..

This has left us speechless.  this information was later confirmed by Oracle stating: “And bingo was his name-o.” and anyway you look at this, things not looking to bright for DPR2 / Stexo / DPR3 / Defcon or whatever alias that is planned for him:</p>

1) Ross Ulbricht is talking/pleading out
2) Libertas/Inigo/SSBD have all been busted unfortunately, and they know who was behind SR2. (and will probably talk as well)
3) Defcon / DPR3 Putting this entire community in danger.

Some confirmation was also added by Ozfreenacer, the owner of when she posted this:

At this point, we think that the situation is clear and that every person should make their own decision whether this is a healthy situation or not, we will NOT be following up on this too much, unless there will be some major event popping up. the safety concerns are out there (both for your BTC and personal security). Everyone keep safe.

See Oracle’s previous posts that were in the deleted thread, if you really want to.

Updated: 2013-12-23