Ross Ulbricht to the FEDS: I want my $33 Million in BTC Back!

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb December 23, 2013

Wow. was defiantly not expecting this one.

So Ross pretty much admits he was running the Silk Road and wants hes money back now from the feds who seized it.

The Internet “pirate” accused of running the notorious illegal-drug-peddling Web site Silk Road claims that the feds are the real buccaneers — robbing him to the tune of $33.6 million worth of the encrypted, virtual currency bitcoin.

Ross Ulbricht — who was arrested in October for allegedly masterminding the mysterious “deep Web” site — recently filed legal papers in Manhattan federal court admitting he “has an interest as owner” of the more than 173,000 bitcoins the government seized through forfeiture from Silk Road.


Just read the rest of the article here, today was exhausting:

Updated: 2013-12-23