Warning: Silk Road 2.0 And DPR account might be compromised!

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb December 22, 2013

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Update #1:  Its becoming more clear now, that DPR is most likely NOT compromised but either hiding or running or waiting since hes real identity is known both to Ross Ulbricht (the previous DPR) and to the arrested mods. its being assumed he is Stexo from SR1 – and due to the well known fact that hes real identity was known to Ross and the 3 arrested moderators (along with some others) – he was warned multiple times not to start Silk Road 2.0, yet he still did, putting himself on danger. we have the full details by now, we will publish them when we will have the final conclusions and after some editing as the amount of the gathered information is huge. other updated may follow.

Please spread this post as much as you can to inform people & help them keep safe – As we have reported before about possible security breach in Silk road 2 (quoting a vendor post saying that he was presented with private communication and data from SR2.0 while he was being interrogated by LE), its starting to look like the beginning of the end of Silk road 2.0 is,  As Cirrus,  The last active forum moderator that was left after the recent arrest Of Inigo & Libertas & SSBD, Posted a clear warning from the site administrator Dread Pirate Robers saying that in case he will not log in for 24 hours, the marketplace should be considered compromised, DPR has not logged in for over 36 hours at the time of writing this:



As the last remaining moderator of the forum I feel it is my obligation to warn all of you that the DPR account might be compromised.

When the news broke about the arrests of Inigo and Libertas there was about a 12 hour period that we did not see DPR.

He eventually logged in and posted the following message to us:

Quote from: Dread Pirate Roberts on December 20, 2013, 11:02:10 am

Hash: SHA512

Right now it is still chaotic at best so I am not sure yet how to best respond long term. As a short term bit of caution both Libertas and Inigo are to be treated as hostile and all communications you receive from them must be forwarded to me immediately.

The weighting of Inigo being busted is that in my opinion many things do not yet add up but I believe the reports may be correct. Until the time I know any different or more evidence comes to light remember to think back and if there is anything that may further compromise anyone he may have had access to let me know.

Libertas’s case is not supported by much other than rumors. As such it is unlikely this applies to him and it may be a case of bad luck he hasn’t logged on for some hours but continue to also treat him as hostile.

Right now I myself have no reason to be offline for any period greater than 24 hours, especially now I am aware of the events above. If such time elapses (24 hours) where I do not appear online consider both myself everything associated with me compromised, even PGP signed messages should be treated with extreme caution. I will be wiping all my communications with all of you and so that may be used as a proof if you wish to verify me in the event something happens by using information only I would know.

This is going to be a testing time for us all and I do not know where it will take us, but everyone please be safe and godspeed.

I would normally not ever divulge anything from our hidden forums but seeing as I feel this was our final order given by our leader we felt obligated to alert the community with something more than just our words.

As you can see that message was clear that if he was not online for 24 hours he should be considered compromised and it has been over 36 hours now since he last logged on.

We tried asking Defcon about this but he never responded to us other than a similar message like he posted in the discussion forum that DPR was okay, but we as staff, have no way to verify that.

Let me be clear this is not to sabotage DPR, or Silk Road – on the contrary it is to remain loyal the final signed order we received from our Captain.  Seeing as he directly told us in this message to even ignore any future signed messages if that 24 hour period elapses we felt there was no other course than to follow orders and consider his account compromised.

I suggest removing any and all bitcoins you have in the market and to consider the website under the control of LE.  Considering all that has happened lately, we (myself and ChemCat) felt this was our only course of action and we didn’t come to this decision lightly.

I think for now our journey on Silk Road has ended – but there will be others and we did so many marvelous things.

Please spread this message everywhere and share with as many people as possible. I don’t know how long it will remain up.


Cirrus also Urged everyone to log into the site and remove and Bitcoins:

Access the site here if you still have coins in the market:


In Addition to this,  some reports on the forum are saying that they tried to verify DPR’s PGP key and failed to do so, we have reported before about this suspicious changed of keys in the post about Inigo’s arrest  –  we believe that this is a mistake originated from people trying to verify hes OLD Key rather than hes new one.

It was assumed already that one of the arrested mods was actually the new Dread pirate roberts, and it was also hinted by the FBI themselves that  they believe that at least one of them was “more than just a mod” according to the forbes article that was published  By Andy Greenberg.

Once again evevn before the notice from Cirrus,  the same person who posted about the arrests few days ago, posted again on Tormarket warning the users that some of the wallets are being empties (address remove) and stating some names that were also removed (this info is not verifies in any way – but the timing was suspiciously close to the post from Cirrus, so we thought we should mention it):

At this point we would like to urge everyone to be safe, and we will be updating this as we will have more info about new developments.


Updated: 2013-12-22