Freedom Host Case: DPP will not bring proceedings against Marques in child abuse images case

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb December 13, 2013

As it was published today by RTE:

“An Irishman, described by an FBI Special Agent as “the largest facilitator of child porn in the world”, has indicated he would plead guilty to the offences if he were prosecuted in Ireland.

However, the High Court was told this morning that the Director of Public Prosecutions will not bring proceedings against Eric Eoin Marques.

Mr Marques is alleged to be the owner and administrator of an anonymous hosting site known as Freedom Hosting.”

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As far as it concerns freedom hosting – never mind the outcome, we say, good riddance. unlike anonymous marketplaces  CP IS NOT victimless crime and it IS NOT being done by consenting adults who can understand the risks. same for guns and carding.



Updated: 2013-12-13