SheepMarketplace Owner Planning a Second Scam?

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb December 1, 2013

The former Sheep Marketplace moderator “TheSheppard”  Made a post on the SR 2.0 Forums stating he had nothing to do with the scam and revealing that he have some inside info about the Sheep Marketplace owner Running a Second Marketplace  and planning to run another scam, that of course if he is not the person who was Doxxed yesterday because in this case it would be highly unlikely that he will try and run ANY website in the near future. he was also suggesting the second scam marketplace is “Pandora Market“.

Link to the original post in the Silk Road Forum “SHEEP MEGATHREAD”:  http://silkroad5v7dywlc.onion/index.php?topic=4892.msg69262#msg69262

Quote of the post including the PGP signature if you want to verify – Warning part in red:

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Hello All Ex-Sheep Users

I know this may be hard to believe, and I am not looking for your trust or anything, but I want you all to know that we all got fucked by Sheep Support as well and I want to give you all a warning. While we had no access to the programming side, we were forum moderators that just managed the forums and answered any PMs that were sent to us directly.

We worked ALL day and night on the forums. Although I did not receive payment for the first week we were paid after that for our work. When the withdrawals were disabled we really didn’t think much of it, to be honest he seemed like an honest dude that was just working on fixing a mistake. But then hours turned to days, and days turned into weeks. Me and Device began to think the worse, but then he opened withdrawals for a lot of people and that restored our faith.

However this appears to all have been a ploy…a ploy to get people to trust that it would be fixed and continue with his scamming. Then there was the 1 BTC minimum, we didn’t understand if it was a 1 a day limit why would the amount matter at all?

I myself had over 20 BTC I needed to withdrawal. I requested that I have my withdrawals open, he said he would, then never did. Last night all the mods began to realize it was true….he scammed us.,..even his own admin team. I mean obviously scamming all of you is terrible, but to scam his own team is beyond a normal scammer. It is someone who is the lowest of the low, the lowest of the scammers who are already so low.

We were supposed to receive a large payment on Sunday, we were promised a substantial amount. However we were told to dedicate his time to fixing the withdrawal before sending payment because we could see people were getting worried and wanted to get this whole thing behind us. Now we realize he didn’t bother paying us because he was going to scam us anyway.

I realize I told everyone to stay calm, and I had faith when I probably should have seen this coming. However when you work for a site and you put your trust in people you can sometimes be in denial and be totally unaware of it. If I convinced anyone to keep there listings up any longer, or caused anyone to lose anymore money then they should have I am TRUELY sorry.

I think admin didn’t inform us because honestly our team of mods were all honest people. Ctrlaltweed, ramdiver, device and me all are honest people. I have become good friends with device, and we were always discussing how this may be a scam but once again being on the inside we had blind faith in admin. Perhaps because we had so much invested in the damn site.

Ctrlaltweed informed me that Sheep Support has another site, he is unsure if it is in development or a new site. So just be super cautious, if the exposed name and facebook account is not real he is likely to run another scam. I think it may be Pandora due to the fact that a user was spamming the forums with pandora links and even after banning he was somehow unbanned and started posting again.

Once again I am sorry the admin did something like this. I really trusted this, I lost my job and I lost my hard earned BTC. I know some of you vendors must have lost hundreads of thousands so my tens of thousands may seem miniscule, but honestly it is a lot to me.

I hope you all stay safe, honestly I do not think this was planned from the start. We even had a new web design and everything. I think that Sheep felt the workload was too big (we had a bunch of small bugs galaore, we had a huge to do list for admin to address and he honestly had a lot on his plate). My guess is that the greed and opportunity to rob us all got to him and he took it.

That is the thing about this…while they may start out great and they obviously may be able to make more in the long run the greed just gets to people and they rather take the one time payout and run.

Anyways this post is probably long enough. If SR is ever in need of a desperate and honest forum mod please let me know. I honestly want to start my own site as I am truely an honest and kind person who would never do something like that. But I know NOTHING about coding or programming. I hope you all stay safe, and if you see a site run by some guy whose English sounds like a retarded kid then you should probably avoid it.

Thanks for reading, and I am really sorry for not seeing this coming sooner.
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Updated: 2013-12-01