Don of the Dark Net: DPR’s Attempted Contract Murder of 6 People

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb November 23, 2013

Even more information has come to light about Ross Ulbricht’s dirty dealings, while running Silk Road.  Already known was one contract-hit attempt against ‘The Employee’ Curtis Green; however, investigators have uncovered evidence suggesting that Dread Pirate Roberts had attempted to kill 5 others in order to tie off loose ends and silence a blackmailer.

According to Andy Greenberg of Forbes, it seems as if Ulbricht was willing to murder just about anyone who got in the way of Silk Road operations, even innocent bystanders who were only living with one of the site’s wayward vendors:

“And when redandwhite had told Ulbricht that tony76 lived with three other people who would have to be killed if they were to obtain the money and possessions in his home, Ulbricht allegedly agreed to have all four killed for $500,000 in bitcoins.”

This multiple-hit contract was to be carried out by “the angels”.  Investigators believe that this may have been in reference to the Hell’s Angels biker gang, to which ‘redandwhite’ may have been associated.

Tony76: The 4/20 Enigma

Who was Tony76?  Up until April 25, 2012, he was only one of the most trusted vendors on Silk Road.  He always shipped out orders on time, and his product was apparently excellent, quality stuff.  According to, Tony76’s drugs were worth praising:

“got my H today from Tony76,” wrote user toelessJoe. “Just had a small taste and I say way to go, Tony. Very good gear! Feeling double plus good right now… I truly hope that you stick around, you’re off to a great start as a new Vendor – and that potential buyers gives you a try.”

He was even the critically acclaimed “#1 Silk Road vendor” for his Johnny-on-the-spot service, and his incredibly positive feedback lent credence to that fact.

And then, Tony76 allegedly dropped a con-bomb on Silk Roaders.  When DPR threw a ‘4/20 Sale & Giveaway’, of course Tony76 would join in on the fun.  However, the vendor decided to play ball outside Silk Road’s long-held policy of using escrow.  Tony76’s reasoning was that it would expedite service if buyers would send their bitcoins directly to him.  So it went, on 4/20, buyers sent their bitcoins directly to Silk Road’s #1 vendor.

As weeks went by, buyers began to realize that their packages had not arrived.  It became clear that not only did Tony76 walk away with everyone’s money, but also some believe that he may have absconded with $100,000 in bitcoins.

The general consensus is that Tony76 had set up the scam and orchestrated it with incredible finesse; however, others suspect that the vendor may have been either picked up by law enforcement –or killed.  New evidence may suggest that he was professionally murdered for his guilt by association, and the fact that conned his fellow Silk Roaders.

Tony76’s vanishing act has made some wonder if Ulbricht’s hit on the vendor had actually succeeded.  Because of Silk Road’s iconic means of anonymity, it would be almost impossible to tell, even if a body (and possibly 3 others) were found.  Tying a real-world identity to a Silk Road username is difficult when the individual is alive, much less deceased.

The only evidence, concerning a successful hit is from redandwhite’s chilling April 15, 2012 message to DPR, saying, “That problem is dealt with,” according to another Forbes article.

The Not-So-Friendly Chemist Plays With Fire

A user named, ‘FriendlyChemist’, had thought it was a good idea to attempt extortion on Silk Road members, threatening to reveal their identities to law enforcement.  This, of course, didn’t sit well with DPR.

DPR contacts ‘redandwhite’ for $150,000, and sends the ‘angels’ to track down the FriendlyChemist and take him out.  Because there was no missing-person report, and no body found, the FBI says that the evidence is inconclusive.  It appears as if redandwhite was either very good at his job, or he staged the assassination.

However, redandwhite wasn’t finished.  He learned that FriendlyChemist and Tony76 had been working together.  After finding out Tony76’s real world identity and getting an address, the contractor allegedly dispatches the scamming vender for $500,000.

The Dread Pirate Roberts had tasted blood –and felt quite satisfied by it.

No Bail: “I Can Tell You, He’s Not a Murderer”

The evidence against Ulbricht continues to stack higher and higher, as investigators continue open more skeleton-filled closets.  With Ulbicht’s server in the hands of the feds, they were able to uncover the dirty details of DPR’s attempt at having 3 Silk Road users and 3 possible witnesses murdered –all for keeping Silk Road in business.

Also, because the feds had confiscated fake ID’s before his arrest, and the fact that he had tried to apply for citizenship in Dominica, the judge felt as if granting the Silk Road kingpin bail was not a good idea.

Ulbricht’s friends and family aren’t convinced that the 29-year-old introvert is guilty of anything, saying, “Ross is not a criminal mastermind…” According to Ulbricht’s mother, she isn’t buying it either.  “I can tell you, he’s not a murderer,” she told reporters.

Whether or not Ulbricht is DPR, or he just so happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, it appears as if Ross Ulbricht is not going to see the free world for quite some time.

Perhaps, the Don of the Darknet should not have tasted blood in the first place.


Updated: 2013-11-23