Get Ready To Silk Road’s…. Newspaper?!

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

Every time we think that we have seen just about everything we find another surprise, this time at the form of a plan to create a newspaper to report whats new on the silk road, a user under the name of ” Raoul Duke ” posted the following:


The idea, which is not bad i must say, seems to have some support from real world journalists such as the forum member EileenOrmsby owner of the blog

And of couese the much needed support from the new Dread Pirate Roberts,  the new SR Admin:

The reactions on Reddit were a bit less enthusiastic ranging from:

That is going to be hilariously bad.


It’s not a newspaper, it’s an advertising board. As if DPR2 is going to let anything negative about SR2 appear in a “publication” he de facto owns by funding it. Cheap.


Bold move by an underdog. This unestablished franchise faces an uphill battle, but if the locker-room discussion pans out there might just be gold in the teams future.

Here – We believe in a positive approach, this is a nice idea that can be used for harm reduction same as for publicity and outing scammers without the need to be in constant updated with all the stuff that’s going on the forums.

This of course, as long as its not being used to promote any “private” agendas.

Updated: 2013-11-16