Black Market Reloaded: Another Weapon Dealer Got Busted

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb November 9, 2013

We saw one previous bust of a weapon vendor from black market reloaded marketplace a few month ago,

and now its seems that another vendor got busted. it also appears from the article that BMR is being watched closely by the FBI (in case you had your doubts about that):


HAMPTON — A Hampton man is facing charges that he illegally trafficked firearms through New Jersey on an underground, Internet-based marketplace known as “Black Market Reloaded.”

Matthew Crisafi, 38, of Esker Road, was arrested Thursday on three firearm trafficking offenses by special agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations.

Hampton police Lt. Tom Gudaitis said the town police department assisted federal agents with the service of the arrest warrant.

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We scanned the BMR forums a bit to see if we can come up with some interesting details regarding this case, and found nothing special  –

just a safety advice:


Guys, do not post any information on the site (IE if you traded with him dont be like “DAMN REALLY WANTED MY G19 THAT I PAID $3000 FOR ON NOVEMBER 1ST”), not only does this bring heat to any buyers (IE you), but it will get the seller in significant more trouble and makes the case for the DA that much easier.

Foreign firearm shipments are a risky business, this highlights this even more. His first / biggest mistake was accepting Western Union, but this was not his only mistake. Some alarms should have been going off in his head when not only was the buyer trying to purchase multiple pieces at once, but a domestic buyer paying the highly inflated prices is more than improbable for a bulk order. If someone were living in the US had a need to order several firearms, and ask for heavier equipment, they would be able to source it locally.

If I were a firearm vendor, I would strongly advise not shipping to Australia, and using extreme precaution (PGP for even the slightest reference to what you are selling).

Stay safe


and some mention that the vendor has logged into the site after he supposedly got busted –  so the account was banned by the black market reloaded staff,

“and banned, the last login was a couple of hours ago and i’m pretty sure it wasn’t the seller who has logged in.”

We could only guess that this login was the cops using hes account – or him, cooperating with them.

We are strongly against the sale and usage of weapons in almost any case. So Good luck with that,



Updated: 2013-11-09