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Posted by: DeepDotWeb November 8, 2013

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We are proud to announce our upcoming vendor marketplace – Bad Wolf Marketplace

As with all of the other new markets that seem to be sprouting up every other week, we also have a few selling points to make.

Each vendor get’s their own .i2p and .onion domain
Not Subdomain, not 2nd Level Domain -Your own unique (and optionally custom) domain on both of the two most popular hidden protocols

Vendors have nearly complete freedom to customize their store
Want to provide more than 1 language? Want to have a separate page for Shipping, TOS, Payment, and a few sub pages for each? Want to have a complete organized catalog of products? Want a custom theme and logo?

Done. Customize Away.

No Commission
Fine Print – 0% Commission. Think of our service as a marketplace with a dash of dedicated web hosting and a sprinkle of centralized feedback & Customer Support on top. Vendors are expected to pay monthly server costs – other than that, no fees are encountered.

Where Are Your Bitcoins?
They belong to us!
Not really. In fact, as a buyer none of your bitcoins ever touch our wallets. For vendors, we keep your Bitcoins as the only payment we expect in monthly fees. There are no methods of escrow or payment gateways that involve us, so you never run the risk of us running away with your money.
Since Vendors occasionally scam, we do offer 3rd party multi-sig Escrow as well as direct Escrow (again, neither through a means that allows us access to your bitcoins).

Centralized Feedback

Of course, giving a vendor access to their own forum would be somewhat of a mistake, at least providing it natively. So, we have both a rating system being built as well as a forum in a centralized location. This will act as a hub for vendors and buyers to interact outside of transactions, as well as advertising.

The Hub
The Central location for feedback, forums, directory, and support.

  • Feedback – rating system unique to each vendor and not manipulatable by vendors
  • Forums – Forums hosted on i2p and .onion
  • Directory – Vendor Directory to provide a list of the vendors and their wares
  • Support – Customer and vendor support by management

Early Applications
We are offering a select number of vendors access to this service to ensure that, upon the opening of the market, that we don’t simply have a few newcomer vendors. While initially you will not have any ads, feedback, or support offered for customers, you will have everything else that our service offers. This includes a custom .onion domain as well as a .i2p domain.
This will also allow vendors to report the performance of our site, and allow customers to review vendors through reddit and other mediums.

Anything Allowed
Anything? No – nothing that is related to CP and no direct harm to other human beings. Otherwise sell to your hearts content.

Currently we are estimating our slated Winter 2013 Release, with application for early vendors opening today.

Since we are still working on our centralized hub, we do not have that particular site available at the current time.

However, we already have a few vendors that are setting up show through our service, and approved applications are given their own active .i2p and .onion domain and their site is up within 32 hours.

If you are interested or wish to apply, email us at


Updated: 2013-11-08