Silk Road 2.0 Is now Officially open!

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As was announced on the forums and on reddit not long ago:

Silk Road 2.0 URL:  http://silkroad6ownowfk.onion

URL was updated in our hidden Marketplaces list.

======The Official Release Notice From the New DPR=======

“Dear Community

It is with great joy that I announce the next chapter of our journey. Silk Road has risen from the ashes, and is now ready and waiting for you all to return home: http://silkroad6ownowfk.onion

Welcome back to freedom.

Over the last 4 weeks, we have implemented a complete security overhaul. This overhaul marks the dawn of a brand new era for hidden services, and it would not have been possible without the patient support of this community. So for waiting patiently; for offering encouragement; for keeping the community spirit alive in Silk Road’s temporary absence; for all of this and more, each of you has my deepest and most sincere gratitude.

It took the FBI two and a half years to do what they did. Divide, conquer and eliminate was their strategy… but four weeks of temporary silence is all they got. And as our resilient community bounces back even stronger than ever before, never forget that they can only ever seize assets – they can never arrest our spirit, our ideas or our passion, unless we let them.

We will not let them.

Please enjoy the marketplace, but be aware – although the site is both functional and stable, we are still in the early phases of development. Despite us having worked through any major bugs that might prevent full-functionality or compromise security, you may notice minor bugs. Please bring these to our attention. More so, even though security has been our top priority over the last few weeks, we encourage you to continue reporting both theoretical and even proven exploits. You will be rewarded for doing so.

Please also be aware, that because we expect a large surge in Bitcoin deposits when we open up our transaction system, there may be delays with account withdrawals and deposits initially. These delays should become less as the marketplace settles, but at least for the earlier stages, please do not report coins as missing unless 12 hours or more have elapsed.

You might also notice that the re-launched marketplace lacks a number of features from the original marketplace – we will be working hard over the next few weeks to implement improvements, and we continue to study each and every post made in the Feature Requests forum. Your opinions matter to us, and we will not neglect the thoughts of the community.

We are proud to announce though, that our new security measures include emergency strategies to ensure that, in the event of Silk Road’s demise once more, no member will lose their coins. We have learned hard lessons from the unfortunate events of recent weeks, and the man hours that have gone into this new release are phenomenal. We look forward to helping Silk Road grow on the back of these lessons, and look forward to helping this community flourish even more beautifully than before.

We have already committed a large percentage of our revenues to good causes, charities, and organizations who support our cause or have similar interests. We are also contributing back to the Tor network with our relay fund.

But without a doubt, the re-launch of our beloved marketplace will create a ripple throughout the world’s various media channels, and not all of these channels will see our cause as positive. You don’t need telling that there are very powerful media outlets controlled by various world governments, who will seek to muddy our name and reputation. But it is up to us to embrace this newfound exposure in mainstream media, rather than hide from it – and for this reason, I have chosen to speak briefly with a number of journalists who I am confident will report this memorable day without the pull of governmental strings. I have also conducted an exclusive interview with Mashable. In light of the FBI’s recent ‘victory’, it would be impossible for Silk Road to stay off the radar – it is therefore our responsibility to make sure that our mark on the radar is the right one. So I would advise you all to prepare yourself for a spike in media attention, and to review your personal security measures to ensure your anonymity is protected.

We will be hiring staff to handle Silk Road’s marketing shortly – formal offers may be made to members who have already demonstrated their marketing prowess.

And it goes without saying that if you are in touch with anybody who may not be aware that Silk Road has risen once more, now is the time to spread the word. Open communication with your old suppliers and customers; let this wonderful news be taken to all corners of the Tor network and beyond.

Let us never forget this recent hurdle in our battle for freedom. But let us not allow it to stop our fight, either – it is now time to simply pick ourselves back up, dust ourselves off, and continue fighting this revolution like we’ve never fought it before.

I’m proud to have you all at my side.

Yours Loyally

Dread Pirate Roberts”


We grabbed some screenshots of the site, and we like what we see so far!




We would love to see how this one develops!




Dear all,

We are now approaching the final hour and I wish to highlight how the next few days will probably go as we are doing a controlled time release to minimize any problems which may arise. Please remember everything is still experimental here, we are expecting huge volumes of traffic and several very high publicity media outlets to be publishing this to attract some of the largest readerships for our cause in the world (for an idea of scale, the media outlets covering us have a combined monthly readership of 320 million per month).

Below is a quick timeline of how events will go. We may push things back a day or draw them forward, depending on any bugs which may arise in the process, how quickly we can fix them and the strain upon the server. I will not be allowing any deposits to occur into the site until I am absolutely satisfied it is fully safe to do so, so you do have a day or two if you wish to start purchasing your bitcoins.

Day 1 – Launch Day – Nov 6

Most features will be disabled such as messages, orders and account settings Today is to allow everyone to see the site and we hope we can gauge the server traffic to expect for future days using this as the benchmark, this also serves as the first public evidence of our work Deposits will not be taken but vendor accounts will be available for paying the bonds to give them time to setup before purchases begin Shopping cart is functional but you cannot check out – just in case you wish to save products for later viewing since we have not yet incorporated the favorites function

Day 2 – Nov 7

Messages will probably be enabled along with several updates to address common complaints on Day 1 Vendors will see further controls for their account released having undergone stress testing More bug fixes will occur to ensure the smooth running of the site with no expected downtime Following vendor feedback, we will add many more sub-categories for products to make them easier to find The new “Wiki” system will go live so users may review fully how the new site will operate (although it will be near identical to the previous arrangement)

Day 3 – Nov 8

All outstanding features and account settings will be activated following extensive bug checks except the orders page Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals will be enabled so you may check the system and ensure it is functional (as well as test our new 3 confirmation deposits and ultra-fast withdrawal process) We may have downtime of no more than an hour throughout the day to fix any major residual problems we’ve encountered The last of the testing exercises will be concluded and we will once more collect user feedback for last minute improvements

Day 4 – Nov 9

Site is fully enabled and purchases may begin on the tested and highly stable platform (thanks to our released launch participants)

Thank you all for your understanding and patience so far on the matter, the staff have worked around the clock (quite literally) to get this project to the current point and we have come very far from the seizure only a few short weeks ago, but there is still much to do and so as we open our doors publicly for the first time, I ask you to report any bugs or issues in the Bug Reports forum and we will move as fast as we can to patch it. Any remaining security issues, please message me directly and after we have patched it and opened the market for a few days, we will begin to catch up with those who informed us of them and will credit your account in accordance with the issue found.



Updated: 2013-11-06