And Vice-produced Silk Road documentary Coming soon

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb October 23, 2013

Really…?  So quick, that should be interesting,   as it was reported earlier today at the dailydot,  Source at the BBC site

BBC just commissioned a documentary on the Deep Web black market Silk Road. According to, the film will be coproduced by Vice and Raw TV, precisely the two outfits one expects to present a story like this.

Director Emily James talks to Broadcast:

The technology that enabled The Silk Road and the ideologies that framed its development are absolutely fascinating material. … So when Ross Ulbricht, AKA The Dread Pirate Roberts, alleged ‘operator’ of The Silk Road site was arrested at the beginning of this month, I knew immediately that it would make a gripping film.

I’m very pleased that Raw, Vice and Storyville have had the acuity to recognise what a fantastic film this will be, and to back my vision for it.

Dear DailyDot Report – i couldnt agree more with this sentence: “This is only the latest media effort at capitalizing on Silk Road’s infamy.


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Updated: 2013-10-23